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Red Flags in Moving to a New Location

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By : Sonia Smith    99 or more times read
When you start looking for your dream house, you could fall head over heels on a house and fail to consider potential problem. Although a home inspection should be performed before you sign anything, you should also be on the alert for other things before you start the process of your purchase.

Several unexpected things might occur during your moving. One minute everything is okay and the next something might come up. In spite of your thorough planning, you could still encounter difficulties, especially if you fail to foresee some risks.

Below are just a few red flags to watch out for when looking to move to a new location.

  1. Be alert on musty odor and pet smells in the property. This could mean a bigger home problem and difficult to remove. Remember that if a house heavily smells of a cleaning product, the seller may be trying to hide some problems in the home.

  2. Home wiring red flag alert. Although a licensed electrician is the only person who can diagnose wiring problems accurately, you can still be alert on several things such as the outlets and switches. Make sure they are all in proper working condition. Lights that flicker and do not work well could be signs of problems in the home wiring.

  3. You can simply check out foggy windows just by looking at them. Make sure that all windows work well. Some may be painted shut or warped.

  4. Ceiling stains could reveal leaks. Make it a point to find out if simple or major repairs have to be made. Many leaks resulted from unattended flashing that seals valleys in the roof around chimney and your vents. A leaking roof means it is time to replace the roof shingles.

  5. Be alert on rodents and insects infestation. Watch out for any roach motels, mousetraps and other signs of possible problems. If you find a property you are willing to purchase, it is important to have it inspected for termites to make sure that these creatures do not infiltrate the home.

  6. Be wary of moving frauds that could happen in various ways. Normally, it involves fraudulent movers. They operate in the usual way but as soon as your stuff is in transportation, they will hold your things until you pay the money they demand. To prevent this from happening, you should only hire a legitimate mover and be cautious if they use rental trucks instead of the company’s vehicle and those with unbelievably cheap estimates.

  7. Make sure to find out if your kids resent your moving. Most children are against moving because they do not like to leave their old friends and their school. They are also afraid of what awaits them in the new place. It is necessary to have an open communication with them regarding your relocation process and continue to reach out for them and help them get more comfortable in your new place.

Moving is a thorough process. There are times that you have to go beyond your moving process. In relocating, problems may arise especially if you fail to foresee possible problems that could lead to bigger financial loss and emotional burden.
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