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If You are Having Trouble Enticing Buyers, Good Pictures Will Sell Your Home

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By : marco benavides    99 or more times read
Good pictures are an excellent way to entice buyers and sell your home, especially in this day and age where buyers begin their home searches online. It is a fact known and understood well by real estate agents that buyers decide within the first 8 seconds whether they like a house. That is how long your house has to make an impression upon anyone looking at it.

If the person is viewing your home online for the first time, then it stands to reason that you would want your home to create a great impression on the listing that the person is viewing. Many sellers make the mistake of taking just one picture of the outside of the house without even thinking whether buyers will find the home attractive through the picture.

If you want to create traffic and sell your home, any picture of your home that you post online have to be striking, and they have to show off the best features of the house. If you do not manage to do that, buyers will go on to the next house on the listing without thinking twice about yours. By the way, if your listing does not include a picture, it is really a waste because most buyers will skip right through it.

What you want to do is get the buyer to stop, take notice, and then want to see more of your house. Therefore, if you are going to post photographs, whether it is one or ten or however many, it needs to have no other distractions. It needs to show off the house at its best to draw the attention of potential buyers and attract further interest.

When you take the picture, avoid shaded areas unless you really know how to make light play against shade, and avoid shooting into the sun. You should crop your picture to remove the street and sidewalk, or shoot the picture without the street and sidewalk in the frame.

Make sure there are no cars parked in front of your house or driveway, and that you remove any and all clutter. If you want to feature your front yard, trim the bushes, plant fresh flowers, mow the lawn and remove any evidence if you happen to have pets. You will want to focus on the size of your yard, so make sure you shoot long.

Make sure that the way to your front door presents an unobstructed view. Unobstructed views create a sense of being open and inviting. You are going to want anyone viewing your home to feel welcome, or they will continue looking through the listings.

If you are going to include more than one picture, make sure they are varied, and that you include close-ups. You should also make sure that you change angles and perspectives to create variety in the viewer's eye.

If you manage to draw the potential buyers attention, you are bound to generate more interest in your home, and it will lead to more traffic. More interest will be generated in your home by good pictures, and interest in your home will generate offers and a sale.
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