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Help Your Pet Adjust When You Move

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By : Roby Hicks    99 or more times read
There are a lot of things you need to prepare when you move. You have to say goodbye to neighbors and friends, pack your things and contact a moving company. You also have to arrange the disconnection and connection of different services. In addition to that, you need to assist your pets. Aside from your family, your pets will need to deal with the relocation as well. If it stresses you, it definitely stresses them too.

Pets react to relocating in different ways. Some will be able to adjust easily while others will need more help. There are pets that refuse to adapt to the new environment. This is when the help of a veterinarian is needed. However, you can help your pet adjust.

The preparation:

You should pack the things of your pet. Place them in one box so that it would be easy to find. Label the box as well. This will greatly help when you start unpacking and set up the area for your pet. You should also have the file of the documents of your pet. This should include the copies of vaccination he had. Before you move, you should visit the vet first. Ask about the immunization requirement for the trip to protect your dog. Your vet can also give you advices on how to help your pet during the relocation. Most importantly, see to it that your pet has a tag that has your contact number and address.

During the relocation:

Always think about your pet when you plan especially during long trips. Make sure that they have food and water. If you need to find a place where you can stay overnight, see to it that they allow having pets in the establishment. Research the hotel or inn ahead of time and book your stay.
Ask about the specific pet you have.

Help your pet when you arrive to the new place:

This is why you need to place his things in one box. This will make the setting up of his space easy. Arrange his bed and other items that are familiar to him. This will make him feel at home. Wait before your pet is more comfortable before you attend to other things. If he wants to be with you, let him.

Introduce your new house to him slowly:

Pets can be scared or confused when they are in an unfamiliar territory, which is why you need to show him your new place. Do it one room at a time so that he will not be overwhelmed. Allow him to explore the house at his own pace. If he wants to sit longer under the table, let him. He will be out there after a while.

Show him the new surroundings:

This is important especially if you have dogs. They need to go out to run and walk. You can accompany them outside and let them explore your outdoor space. You can walk them around the neighborhood too. However, do this gradually. Walk them at one area at a time to help them familiarize the neighborhood. Learn about the rules of the HOA regarding pets as well.

You can help your pet adjust. One way of doing that is to explore your new environment together.
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