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Lead and Asbestos Components in Ancient Homes

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By : Sonia Smith    99 or more times read
As a homeowner, you can always find many ways to improve or upgrade your home. If you are one of those homeowners who favour an older home, it is of utmost importance that you should check the property for lead and asbestos contents. This is especially necessary if you are going to remodel or do an upgrade of your home. These elements have significant ill effects on your health. Make sure that you are in the right track when dealing with these materials.

Homes that were constructed thirty years ago or even more are usually made with asbestos and lead components because these were widely used and popular items due to their durable characteristic. However, the following years witnessed the destructive effect of these materials that led to its ban and cessation. Although they are no longer used, many homes today still have these components in their foundations.

Lead was discovered to have a negative effect on the health of the human body and was banned in the year 1978. The study shows that the microscopic dusts sent out when sanding paints with leads resulted to health problems like nervous system disorders, hearing gloss, IQ reduction and even sluggish growth. Lead is a good agent used in paints and many historic houses were painted with these substances.

There are two possible places for lead exposure in ancient homes: plumbing and paint. Lead pipes were used in municipal and residential plumbing until the 1950s and after that, the solder that were used in copper pipes had lead until the 1980s. Have your water tested to make sure if it has lead content. Depending on the test results, it is better to replace old pipes with new ones.
You can also practice preventive measures like allowing tap water to run for a minute to flush standing before drinking the water. Use only cold water for consumption since hot water filters more lead from pipes than cold water.

Pre-1980 homes may also contain paint with lead in the rooms. In the U.S., the danger of children ingesting lead chips is so great that the government requires homeowners to inform a possible buyer or tenant of lead contamination before a sale or occupancy. In determining lead content, there are lead-paint testers you can use but a laboratory test is more effective. Removing lead paint should only be done by a professional. It is necessary to vacate the house if this activity is being done.

Asbestos is a mineral used in many products, from wallboard, insulation and small appliances because of its sound, fire and thermal resistance. However, has a major threat—when inhaled, its microscopic fibers can cause respiratory problems and even cancer. While older homes contain asbestos, it is not a major concern. It will be dangerous if the materials are disturbed, such as upgrading or renovation work that can create the fibers become airborne. If you plan to renovate your home, it is necessary to hire a professional to do it.

Asbestos was also used for insulation, which possesses fireproof qualities. Because it is tough, many home components were made of this element like the furnaces, broilers, roofs, floors and wall sidings. The good thing is it is harmless as long as it remains undamaged.

Both asbestos and lead are significant elements in the construction of ancient homes and their dangers can be managed as long as you know the correct ways of dealing with these materials. Bear in mind that your family’s health is more important than the productivity of your real estate investment.
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