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3 Notable Places to Visit in Charleston

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By : Roxanna Morey    99 or more times read
The Morris Island Lighthouse (The Old Charleston Light)
Which once stood on Morris Island for hundreds of years is now eerily surrounded by water. The Old Charleston Lighthouse was built in 1767 and is notably one of the first lighthouses along the eastern shoreline. In a quaint setting used to sit an old light keepers’ house nestled up next to the lighthouse. All that remains is the lone lighthouse over 1/4 of a mile away from any dry land. Due to considerable erosion, the house and many buildings which were part of the light station, have disappeared. Although the Old Charleston Lighthouse has been replaced by the New Charleston Lighthouse on Sullivan’s Island, you can’t leave Charleston without seeing a piece of the past. This beloved historic landmark is part of Charleston’s overall charm and great efforts have been made so that it can remain so for generations to come.

The Pink House
Known these days as “the best little art place in town,” the Pink House has an intriguing history as the oldest tavern in the South. In the mid-1690’s, this charming house was built to serve as the local “groggerie” for sailors wanting to lift their spirits. Centered right in the middle of the old Charles Towne red light district, its walls hold a scandalous history. At the request of the local townspeople, the Pink House was cleaned up and later turned into an art gallery. Some say Charleston in the early days was simply an extension of the Islands as many of the early settlers were from there. The Pink House was built out of Bermuda Stone brought in from its shores. Through scores of earthquakes and other natural disasters, this little Pink House has stood the test of time and serves as a looking glass into Charleston’s past.

Rainbow Row
Lighting up East Bay Street is a row of colorful houses restored starting in the early 1900’s. Charleston was left in ruins after the Civil war swept through her streets and this row of houses was in terrible condition. Dorothy Pocher Legge purchased a portion of these homes and began to bring life back into their walls. Seeking to help restore the rich Caribbean culture which Charleston is famous for, she painted these homes bright pastel colors. Taking a stroll down Rainbow Row will once again leave you in awe of Charleston’s historic beauty.
Here the author David Kent writes about the notable places of Charleston SC” viz., The Pink House, Rainbow Row, and The Morris Island Lighthouse. For more information on places in Charleston and Real Estate Charleston you may please visit

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