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Breaking Up With Your Realtor

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By : M Shane    99 or more times read
While the majority of Realtors are genuinely looking out to help you have the best experience possible with your home buying experience, there sometimes comes a time when you realize that the relationship between you and your agent is not working out.

This isnít to say that every moment of your business relationship with your Realtor needs to be amazing and idyllic, but there is a certain amount of give and take that you will need to have with them to ensure that you get what you need out of the arrangement.

Your Realtor needs to communicate with you regularly, so you should lay out with your Realtor at the beginning of your relationship just what kind of communication that you require; whether it is every few days or once a week, let them know what your expectations are so that they can let you know if that is a reasonable expectation for them to live up to. Some Realtors are too busy to be able to talk to you five times a day even if thatís what you think that you need due to their schedule; give them the opportunity to let you know up front.

Your Realtor needs to respect your needs; make sure that you let your Realtor know what you need in a home and what features are ďwish listĒ items that are optional but you would really like to have, given the opportunity. If they insist on showing you a lot homes that donít fit your needs or are way out of your league financially, then they arenít respecting you as a client and you may need to look elsewhere for representation in your home searching adventure.

If you decide that itís just not working out with the Realtor that youíve picked for your real estate relationship, you might be tempted to give them the business version of the ďitís not you, itís meĒ speech; but you should really be fair about why you donít think that your partnership is working out. Donít assume that the agent knows the reasons that things arenít working out if you donít communicate problems to them. Remember that they probably have quite a few clients that theyíre working with; you arenít likely to be their one and only client. Be honest with your Realtor as soon as you have a problem with how your arrangement is working; give them the benefit of the doubt that theyíll try to correct whatever the problem is. Remember that every good business relationship takes a little work from both sides.

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