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Fun Tricks When Moving into a New Home

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Relocating to a new place will always be presumed to be a stressful event. But you can easily transform this daunting task into a fun and exciting move for the whole family. Encouraging a positive outlook can be easy if it would start from your initiative. There are many ways to make this seemingly drastic move into a fun one.

Primarily, take your family to the new house a few weeks or when the house is available before moving in. You can make everyone feel more at ease with a simple initial orientation to the house. You can start the fun in this stage by organizing an exploration game. List down some questions pertaining to the features of the house. Here are some sample topics biggest room, number of steps in the staircase or doors and windows, widest cabinet, among other things. Through this exercise, you can all together learn about the house, thus, everyone will have some sense of familiarity to this unknown place.

On the day of the move, you can also turn the unpacking task a rather exciting one. A lot of kids would look at it as a mere strenuous chore, but you can change that presumption by arranging another game. For one, you can tell your kids to race fixing their stuff into their rooms and cabinets. The first one to finish will be the declared winner.

Another game is to create your own Amazing Race version. Group your family members into teams. The things that will be unpacked would be the communal stuff such as kitchen utensils or small pieces for the living area. Label these items with some clues as to where they should be placed. Make sure that your clues are intriguing enough so as to promote snappy thinking for the kids. Modify the clues according to the ages of your children. At the same time this serves as a learning encounter and family bonding moment, it would also be a way to enhance your creativity.

While the games are motivating enough to make your kids move, you still have to provide some sort of prizes. Nothing beats positive reinforcement. Give them simple treats such as new toys, video or board games, tickets to the arcade or amusement park, coupons for shopping or other things they would really love as a surprise.

Getting to know your neighbors and community will also make your move a lot more comfortable. Once you feel welcomed in a new place, you will see that in no time at all, you would all feel at ease. For one, hang as often as you can in your front yard. This is your chance to meet new people. Organizing a small party would also be helpful so your whole family can get introduced to a lot of people in one occasion. Other venues you should also explore are the recreational spots, community parks and gardens, local clubs, organizations and other neighborhood facilities. Through these, you can surely chance upon encountering people who have the same interest as yours.

Moving into a new home surely consumes a lot of your time and energy. But the stress can feel lighter if you approach it with fun and exciting ways. Once everyone is on board with you, your home will be organized in a flash and your sense of belonging to the new location will be definitely achieved.
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