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Ways to Keep Good Tenants

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By : Roby Hicks    99 or more times read
Property owners who have their homes rented want to earn. And in order to do that, they have to make sure that they find good tenants. Good tenants are those who pay their dues on time. They also take care of the property and most importantly, they uphold the lease agreement. However, not all tenants are good. This is the reasons why landlords follow a screening procedure. Since it is difficult to find a good tenant, it is vital that you learn how to keep them.

Keeping good tenants is not easy if you are not a good landlord. This is why you need to make sure that you know how to be one. The first thing you should know is the things that will cause your tenants to leave. Among them is the defective property. If your property is not a safe and comfortable place to live in, then you will most likely lose your tenants.

Here are some of the ways to ensure that your tenants will stay:

  1. Do not ignore their complaints. This is the worst thing that you can do to your tenants. Bear in mind that no one wants to be neglected. If they give you a call, answer them right away. If you are unable to get their call, call them back. You have to make them feel that you are there for them.

  2. Make sure that you do your duties as a landlord. You have a lot of responsibilities. You need to maintain the property regularly. If there are defects and damages, you need to have them repaired. If you are to replace a portion of the property, see to it that the materials used are of high quality. You do not want to hear complaints for the same thing repeatedly. Make sure you do your other responsibilities as agreed upon in the lease contract.

  3. Respect their rights. This is why you have to know the rights of your tenants. Make sure that you do not abuse your privileges as the owner. If you have to enter the unit, ask permission. You can also call ahead of time to set an appointment. This is a way of respecting their space and their privacy.

  4. Screen other potential tenants. If you have multiple units, you will need many tenants. Be careful in accepting other tenants though. Make sure that your existing tenants will be able have a good relationship with them. If your good tenant cannot stand the other tenants, he might leave.

  5. Reward them. There are different ways to reward them. You can give discounts if they stay for another year. You can also give them gifts during special events. This will surely make them feel blessed.

If you are a good landlord, your tenants will surely want to stay. You can be a good landlord by identifying what your tenants like and dislike. They do not want to be ignored, so you should be responsive. They want to be respected, so see to it that you respect them. You can also give rewards once in a while to make them want to stay.
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