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Moving Sevices: Tips in Hiring the Best

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By : Vicki Hat    99 or more times read
Having a dependable moving company can lessen your stress during the big move. Hence, it is important that you are able to hire one. But with so many moving companies declaring they are the best of the best, how can you tell which one is good and which isn't?

Finding a good moving company is possible. It may take a little time and some questioning on your part but it will be all worth it in the end. Being a little skeptical in hiring can help you avoid being scammed and you can assure yourself that you will be getting your money's worth.

So if you want to hire the best moving company among all, here are some tips:

  1. You have to know where to start your search. You can ask your friends and families for referrals. Take note: If a person refers a particular company, he or she must have been pretty satisfied with the service. Hence, you might want to consider the names of hiring services mentioned and look them up.

    You can also try to use the Internet. This is the fastest way to get the names of moving services that are available within your area. Most of the biggest moving companies would always have a website. You can try to read more about their company from there. However, there's a catch. You need to be careful because most of the scam artist operates this way.

  2. Once you have the list of companies that you consider as your prospect, start YOUR investigation. It is important to check the legitimacy of the business to avoid being scammed. The best way to do this is to call the Better Business Bureau. You also have to check if the company is a member of any accredited moving organization existing in the country.

  3. If you are satisfied with the credentials of the company, set-up a meeting with their rep so you can dig more information about their services and their charging. Take note of the contract. Check if it is binding or non-binding.

    Beware. If the company is imposing a down payment, then think twice about hiring them. First Motor Carrier Safety Administration has imposed a rule that no payment should be made until the goods are delivered. You can, however, give a good faith estimate to prove your sincerity in hiring them.

  4. Your goods must be insured by the company when it is delivered. Hence, you need to check on the percentage of liability assumed. Make sure the liability meets the required amount set by the government and not according to the policy of their insurance company.

Evaluate your moving company of choice properly. One thing you should keep in mind is to have a complete data of all the things that needs to be transported. Make sure all data are available so that your moving company can make a good estimate. And do watch out for scam movers. If the deal sounds too good to be true, be doubtful. Investigate further.

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