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The Effect of the Current Economy on the Real Estate Market

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By : Roby Hicks    99 or more times read
The economy affected the real estate industry in various ways. The same as the way the industry affected the economy. One cannot separate the two as they are linked. This is the reason why the industry is deeply affected by the challenges faced by the economy. When the economy faced a low point, so did the industry. So how did the economy change the industry?

People respond in the different economic challenges differently. This depends on the trigger that brought the ordeal. In the past, investors pulled out their tax investments because of the uncertainty in the stock market. This is where the real estate comes to mind. The real estate is more certain because they are more tangible. But times have changed, even the said industry is not as certain anymore.

In the recent years, things have been different because the industry took a direct hit from the recession. The economic problems have caused many to give up their homes. And that did not stop there as it caused other problems in the industry.

What caused one of the severest problems in the history of real estate industry? Well there are various causes. Among them is the overspending and over dependence on credit cards. Many took on a huge a mortgage because they relied on their cards for the monthly budget. Additionally, many spent more than what they earned. Huge companies are doing this as well. It was a great arrangement until economy felt the imbalance. Individuals could no longer catch up with their credit card bills and default on their mortgage payments. Companies on the other hand are losing money and filing bankruptcy, causing a lot of employees to leave their jobs.

Unemployment leads to a lot of other economic problems. This causes the individual to spend less. He then starts missing payments for his monthly obligation including the mortgage. Thus, he becomes a candidate for foreclosure. Bear in mind that this happened to a good number of individuals throughout the country causing the number of foreclosed homes to increase Aside from that, many homeowners are selling their property to prevent foreclosing their properties. All these and other factors have led to the decrease of the values of the property.

One of the reasons why there was a significant decrease in the value of the property is because of the decreasing number of buyers. Fewer buyers are making a purchase because of the lack of confidence on the economy. They are holding on to their money because they are unsure of when the financial trouble will end. Many are also scared that they might lose their job.

The problem in the industry has also paved way for other opportunities. Properties for rent have boomed. The vacancy rates today are very low. The low values of the properties have also opened doors for investors to purchase more properties to be rented out.

In addition to that, changes were also made on the process of mortgage loan application. The procedures were enhanced to protect the interest of the buyers. Moreover, the government is also exerting effort to encourage people to purchase a home by giving them incentives.
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