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Consider the Most Important Items in Home Inspection

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Every single home can be assumed that it is as individual as its owner. But despite the differences among house types, there is no doubt the same amount of care and maintenance has to be instigated. You can assure that the superb quality of your property is maintained if you employ a home inspection.

An inspection can be diverse as there are many areas present in a single home. There are over twenty fields of specialization that inspectors focus on. On the other hand, there are professionals that concentrate on certain disciplines such as electricity for electricians, air conditioning for HVAC experts and so on. From this breakdown, it could be assumed that you would have to do more than one inspection. You then have to be prepared for the costs. Given the effort and money required from you, just think that the inspection will contribute massively to improving the status of your home.

First of all, you have to prepare your property before the inspection. Maintaining a cleaning regimen daily would minimize the risk of acquiring further damage to some areas of your home. Your next task is to jot down the areas that would be prioritized during the inspection. This would be helpful so that the inspection can be more organized and you would not forget any area to be evaluated. Here are some tips you might consider looking into:

  1. Have an HVAC expert check your heating and cooling systems and utilities. Proper ventilation has to be present in your home. Meanwhile, consider hiring a professional crew to examine and sanitize the air ducts of your central air conditioning or room AC units.

  2. There are two main problems that usually occur in plumbing structures – clogging and leakage. Test the pipes and see how fast these can draw off water or if there are any excessive outflows.

  3. Wirings, electrical boxes and sockets are the main concerns in evaluating the stability of the electricity current and wiring in your home. A licensed electrician has to oversee this particular task.

  4. Elevations and pest and/or rodent infestation are the common troubles in the attic and the basement. Since these areas usually have poor lighting, you need to employ the services of carpenters and pest control crew.

  5. The foundation of your home should also be checked regardless if you have already done soil checking before you bought the house. Natural disasters such as floods and storms may have affected the stability of the ground underneath your home. You might be surprised that your home has actually sank a few inches into the ground.

  6. The most brittle components of your home are the walls and its frames and the beams. In most homes, these elements are made of wood materials. Thus, they are susceptible to termite invasion and corrosion. Another aspect that you have to look into inside your walls is the insulation material. See if the padding needs replacement.

  7. The sanitation in your house should also be examined and the areas to focus on are water supply or well deposit and the septic tank. As for the water source, check its potability. As for the septic tank, ensure that the wastes are directed into proper tributaries.

  8. Especially if you are living in an old property, you have to hire an expert who will check on the paint on the surfaces and if there are any harmful gases around. You have to know for sure that there is no presence of radon, asbestos or other poisonous elements.

  9. If you have recently added new structures or have renovated parts of your home, you may think that these are the least exposed to damages. But to be sure that every inch of your home is in well working order, you still have to check these areas.

  10. On the day of the inspection, make sure that you will give the inspector a walkthrough. You should also give full access to him and let your utilities run the entire time of the checking. This is important so that you can easily discuss problematic areas. Thus, the whole task can be finished right away.

With these simple tips, any type of home inspection you will employ can surely run smoothly.
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