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Buying a Second Home in Bulgaria

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If you’re caught up in the excitement in buying a property in one of the up-and-coming Eastern European countries, then buying a second home in Bulgaria might just be the ideal location that you’re searching for. Like any other major transactions in a foreign country, though, you must take precautions before choosing a property and putting down that huge deposit. Here are some tips that can help you make the best possible decision for your property purchase in Bulgaria.

Research locations
If you haven’t traveled to Bulgaria before or are not familiar with the different geographical areas of the country, it’s best to take a trip to Bulgaria before you close on a deal. Visit the different sections of Bulgaria to see what suits your needs and desires best. With such vast differences in geography, you’ll have your choice of locations – the fertile Danube river area, the rural countryside, mountainous ski resort areas, or the idyllic Black Sea coastal region. In fact, Bulgaria has some of the finest ski resorts in Eastern Europe and some of the most pristine areas along the romantic Black Sea.

The Internet
Even though the Internet is not a replacement for actually viewing properties in person, it’s a real good backup for conducting crucial research. Lots of different property-listing sites list properties in foreign locations, including Bulgaria, with actual pricing, contact information, and photos. For example, if you’re looking to buy a chateau in one of the many Bulgarian ski resort towns, just search for “ski resort properties” on one of these sites. After you’ve searched the listings for five or so chateaus in you’re selected area, you’ll have a better idea of prices in the local market.

You can also find advice on the net from other people who have purchased second home properties in other countries such as Bulgaria. You can read about their mistakes, suggestions, or even ask them questions on “real estate forums.”

Local real estate agents
It’s best to use one of the local real estate agents in the country since they’re most familiar with the particular real estate laws and procedures. Just make sure you choose one that speaks your language and that can supply you with references from past clients (preferably non-residents). Otherwise, you might be in for a big surprise when you close the deal.
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