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Fun Tips to Help Your Kids Adjust to New Home

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By : Fredrica Smith    99 or more times read
Moving to a new home especially if it is located in a totally new district or state would be a big change for every member of your family to handle. Your children, regardless of their ages, would find it harder to adjust. In any point of their growth, they especially need consistency. If the relocation has been decided on and revealed to them hastily, they would have the tendency to be hesitant in participating in this process. But if you initiate having a positive outlook throughout the transition, everyone would feel more comfortable.

There are many possibilities you can take on to make moving to a new home a fun experience. Be creative and innovative in looking for ways your kids would love to be involved with. There are two general measures you can consider on taking. The first one is to convert tasks into games and the other one is to get acquainted with the neighborhood kids. There are many approaches to do the first option. Games are particularly exciting for smaller children. But you could still encourage adolescents and teens into taking part in the games. You have the better knowledge of your kids’ interests anyway. Here are some suggestions on diversion tactics:

    1. Q & A – to go about this game, you have to take your children to the new home a few weeks or days before moving in. Make them familiarized with the parts of the house. And these areas would be the topics for the game. You can ask about the number of rooms, windows or doors all around the house, the biggest or smallest room, among other things. Modify the questions which can be answered with true or false, or yes or no. The one who gets the most number of correct answers would be the winner. Moreover, this activity can also enrich the observation skills of your kids.

    2. Unpacking Race Two Ways – the first one is rather simpler. Tell your kids to go as fast as they can in properly putting their personal things in their respective rooms. The first one to finish arranging his or her stuff would be the winner. As simple as this game may be, you are actually sending a message to your kids that they can have their own privacy and independence. Once they take charge of their belongings, you are giving them a sense of responsibility.

    The other one is apt for a big family. You have to group your family into teams with at least three members each. If you have a small family, this would be an opportunity to invite some of your kids’ old friends or cousins for a weekend sleepover. The game would proceed just like the previous unpacking game. But this time the things to be unloaded are the communal stuff such as items in the kitchen, living or dining area. Each item has to be labeled with intriguing clues. These hints must lead the players into putting the home item into their appropriate place. The team that correctly does majority of the clues would be the winner.

    Note that for all the games, you have to adjust the difficulty of the questions and challenges matching the comprehension level and physical capacity of your children. You should also take note to give the kids suitable positive reinforcements. Give them simple treats but these are not necessarily material rewards. For example, giving them special and personalized coupons would be better surprises. These can also be prospects to bring your family closer together. The coupons may be claims to a weekend of outdoor sports with cousins or special friends, video game face off with Dad or arts and crafts day with Grandma, and other fun activities.

    Meeting the neighborhood kids can also be done in so many ways. Any party can surely be an inviting event for the other kids in your location. You can organize play dates if you have toddlers. As for older kids, allow them to have a mock cocktail party. Regardless of the ages of your kids, you have to involve them in planning the get-together endeavor. Another way to meet new people is to take them to the public recreational areas within your new vicinity. You can also encourage them to participate in local clubs or organizations that advocate or pursue their points of interests.

    A further simple activity is to organize or join a carpool to school. Through this, the kids can easily establish rapport with other children who also go to the same school as theirs. The other kids can then help your own kids to be more guided in their school. In addition, this could be an opportunity for the trust between you and the other parents to be built and gained.

    Every step in the relocation process can be more enjoyable once you try to inject fun in them. The adjustment period would be a lot smoother and manageable if you initiate optimism.

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