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How to Screen Good Renters

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By : Sonia Smith    99 or more times read
The demanding economic situation has paved the way to much life-changing condition in the world of real estate. For instance, home ownership has continued to plunge down because of the downturn in the economy. Because of this, rental properties have boomed in the industry of real estate.

This proves to be a good investment for those who have the resources to purchase rental properties. Nonetheless, in order for it to succeed, a homeowner or a landlord should find good renters or tenants. Screening good tenants will save you time and money. Spending time screening possible tenants can save you hours and thousand of dollars in the end. Additionally, screening is easier now. Following are some ways to screen good tenants.

  1. Secure a tenant application form that gives all-important information about the tenant. The form must include full details of his or her legal name, current address, employment, income, name of employer and social security number. You should also inquire on the contact information of the employer such as email address and telephone number. The form should also reveal the reason why a tenant decides to move to a new rental property, get the name, and contact details of his or her previous landlord.

  2. Before anything else, it is necessary to verify the place of employment. Take down the name, number of the company yourself, and check if your prospective tenant is really working in the company.

  3. As soon as you have confirmed the address and employment, you can do a credit check. In case the identity does not match or if you get a negative feedback, be wary of renting your property to this person. Provide a letter of explanation for your rejection and invite him or her to correct any wrongful information with the reporting agencies. Some renters have less than ideal credit reports, it is your discretion to rent to them or not.

  4. Inquire from the present landlord some information like late rent payments and how often this happens. Check out if the landlord can characterize this renter as no maintenance, low maintenance or high maintenance. Take note if there are any damage to the property made by this particular renter and why. Do not forget to thank the former landlord for his time in answering your questions.

  5. You may inquire from the current supervisor of your prospective tenant to verify the current salary range he or she makes in the company. It is also important to find out if there are any disciplinary issues on the said person.

  6. You can opt to have different agencies to help you screen your possible renter. You can inquire from courthouse of record of eviction and secure a police record to make sure that you are not dealing with an unscrupulous person.

Good tenants are rare valuables to find. However, finding a good tenant means a successful and productive investment in real estate. Practicing good tenant screening helps lessen the cost due to low tenant turnover and property damage.

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