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By : Khalid Hamadeh    99 or more times read
Buying a home for some people is a very easy decision; it might be the right time to move on to a new place that is really yours, or you may be established in your job & it is the right time for you to establish yourself on the property ladder to place that is all yours.

There are very few fortunate people for whom the choice is very clear. Many people find buying a house a very long process that can take months if not years to completely decide. Even then the buyer may not think it is the right choice they have made. Some people rush into it too early and do not consider the consequences of their actions.

You should be really sure that buying a house is the right thing for you and if you have any hesitation in buying a house then maybe it is not the right choice. You need to be 100% sure before making a final decision. If you are a first time buyer or have never gone through the whole process of buying a house before, there is lots of valuable information available on the website which will hopefully help you understand the process a bit more and give you an idea of what is coming up ahead of you.

One of the most important financial and stressful decisions in your life will be buying a house. It can be a very long stressful & complex process and while it is thrilling it can be very anxious.

Before looking to buy

There are lots of options to consider before buying a house for the first time or buying a new house. On this page you will find all the information you need about looking into further options before buying.

Options available:

Stay where you are

Wanting to buy a new house may not be the only option for you. Before deciding that moving to a new house is the best idea, the four most common motives for buying a new house can all be dealt with logical and sensible options. The following options below should be considered before finally decided that moving is the right choice for you.

I have found a job in a different and area and would like to settle there

When buying a new house in a different area, it is better not to rush but to maybe rent for a few weeks to see what the area is like before committing yourself to a house. In the first few weeks/months you may enjoy your job and be dedicated but after a while you may dislike your job. You may not want to or have not settled into the new neighbourhood. Renting is a good idea if you are not certain whether you might have to relocate due to work.

My present home is too small to accommodate all the family

When deciding that your current may be too small and you need to move to a bigger home, is moving the only option available to you? There are lots of things you can do to increase the living area in your present home with the right planning permission.

  • Expand. This may not at all times add value to your home, but it will be able to give you the additional space you need. The push for moving could be less if you add a new bedroom, study or bathroom.

  • Modify. This is a more low-cost and straightforward way than expanding and this can in fact add further value to your home than the actual cost of the work. A loft can be changed into a bed room or you may have a basement that can be adapted to give more space.

  • Conservatory. This could further add value to your home and there are lots of benefits. It is a major change but it will be for the best. You will get to sit outside in all weather, lots of extra room and beneficial to increase the price of the property.

I do not like my present house I would like to live in a better area

If you think that your house is not nice, then it might be difficult to sell it. To make the house look more smart and eye-catching various home improvements can be done to make it straightforward to sell. You could change the carpet, change the doors, paint and decorate the rooms, kit out the kitchen, change the bathroom and have double-glazing; this could all considerably change the look of your house. After the changes have been made you may not want to move as you might start to like the house after all the changes made.

I want to move up onto the property ladder

It may help you a lot to stay put where you are for the time being as your house could be worth a lot of money if you are fortunate enough to wait through the price rises. Even if you delay by a couple of weeks, months or years this could benefit you a lot when you decide to move on the a new house. This cancels itself out if you are looking to buy in an area that is going through the same cycle.
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