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Facts you Need to Know Before you Buy a Short Sale Property

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By : Flynna Jones    99 or more times read
For other homeowners, short sale can be a rewarding investment. They are cheap and you can choose from various options available out there. This is because of several houses that are on their way to foreclosure. Although this is already a given fact, this is not enough for you to be confident that you will get a good deal. You might encounter different kinds of problems which you might regret later on. To prevent from these troubles, you need to be wary and know the field that you are about to enter into.

When you say short sale, it defines a property that you can get at a lower amount than the existing loan balance. The lender gives you this privilege since the property might be in the market for quite some time already. Before entering into the agreement, the borrower should be qualified first. He has to show certain documents for short sale transactions.

There are certain features of short sale properties that a homebuyer should know. But the seller is not the only person who needs to be careful on this. The seller too should be cautious in entering into any deal that involves short sale. He must be able to determine what can happen next once he successfully got a good deal. What will happen to his credit rating?

If you are a home buyer, you need to know how to do the offer first. This is due to the fact that lender requires you to do it. Even if lenders have different approaches of dealing with short sales, all of them will ask a hardship letter and an offer from the buyers. You have to make an offer so that the seller can also have something to show to the lender for approval.

Even if you are done with the offer, this does not signify that you can now have the house. There is still more to expect. Your offer stands as one of the requirements of the seller to qualify for the short sale. This is not a guarantee that he will be eligible. You have to remember that in other cases, the house is still included in the active list of several real estate professionals. The house is still open for offers and possible homebuyers.

Aside from the buyer, the seller also has to be cautious as well. This is because there are several people who can fool you. There are individuals who can lead you to fraud transactions and thus you might regret it in the long run for engaging in such deal. One concrete example for this is you will be forced to dispose the house for a cheaper price to be able to acquire it for a lesser value. Once they are through with it, they can easily make some quick upgrades and sell it at a higher price.

Short sale property can be beneficial to both the seller and the buyer. However, they have to be careful and know the kind of transaction that they are about to enter into. This can keep them away from possible fraud or scam. So do not be too ignorant about short sale and do your homework. Read more about it!
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