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Some Home Owners and Banks Choosing Short Sales Over Foreclosure

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By : Jamie Mathwig    99 or more times read
Up until recently, banks have not been very supportive of giving home owners the option of a short sale because they are a complicated way to deal with a delinquent mortgage. However, with the rising wave of possible foreclosures on the horizon, some lenders are becoming more accepting of short sales as an option.

A short sale can be less costly to a lender than a foreclosure and a short sale is reportedly less damaging to a home ownerís credit score as well. Short sales are less costly to the lender because occupied homes sell for more and are less likely to sustain damage from vandalism.

A short sale lets a home owner sell their home for less than is owed on the property; because of current reduced values on real estate most homes are not worth what home owners paid for them originally. Lenders donít like short sales because of the shortfall in selling price compared to whatís owed; though many more lenders are opening up to short sales as a less costly option than foreclosures. Home owners should be aware that a short sale for their home may leave them with a portion of the debt even after their house has been sold, however.

Short sales can be extremely difficult to complete due to the prolific use of second mortgages over the housing boom years. Many home owners financed expensive upgrades to their homes based on the equity that they had which now are lacking due to falling home prices. These second mortgages can make the short sale process very complicated. About a third of the homes in foreclosure across the country currently have a second mortgage on them.

The government will be offering incentives for both owners and lenders to do short sales for homeowners who would otherwise be facing foreclosures starting in April of this year. It is important to realize, however, that what is best for some home owners will not be the best option for every home owner who is delinquent with their mortgage payments; some home owners would be far better off financially to walk away from their mortgage than to go through the process of a short sale. Many home owners choose a method of dealing with these delinquent loans that is in the best interest of the lender due to pressure and guilt; to know what your best option is, contact a lawyer to ensure that you arenít being pressured by your lender into an option that isnít in your best interest.
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