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Reasons to Invest in Property in Cape Verde?

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By : Simon PhillipsJones    99 or more times read
We want to focus on some questions for readers who might be looking at Cape Verde property or maybe are looking for their very own villa in Cape Verde. In the last three or four years, there has been a flood of property and tourism investment inwards into Cape Verde. Why is this and will it carry on after the present world economic crisis?

To react to this, first we need to look at the factors for Cape Verde's recent stunning expansion... The causes are twofold - it has a stable political and economic environment with a democratically elected government, and basically due to its stunning beaches and wonderful climate. There are a small number of destinations in the world where twelve months of steady sunshine come together with these factors, and the modest flight durations from Europe have truly opened up Cape Verde to so many more visitors.

So will this prolong? We believe so. The island of Sal, which saw the first arrival of tourism, has struggled to accommodate this growth. There has been some over-development which has significantly outgrown the infrastructure functionality of this island. Basically, there was next to nothing in Sal a handful of years previously. This will take time to organize, but its beaches will without doubt continue to compel future demand.

The island of Sao Vicente, the location of our development of Cape Verde villas, has just opened a new international air-port, and is straight away capable of receiving direct international flights. The town of Mindelo has been host to Cape Verde's deep sea harbor for over a century, and the existing economy and infrastructure are well situated to accommodate an imminent growth in tourism for both this island and its sister island Santo Antao. Santo Antao, although not yet ready for a significant tourism expansion is only eleven kilometers distant and is a 'must see' for any tourist; wild and lush in a manner reminiscent of "Jurassic Park" or "Lost". Sao Vicente has a number of very high quality sandy beaches, is host to the largest annual festival in Cape Verde and additionally the annual Baia das Gatas music festival.

Boavista, with its unspoilt sandy beaches will also attract many. Last year it also opened a new international airport and is currently providing tourists to a couple of all-inclusive hotels. Like Sal, Boavista is rather deserted in nature and has a developing property and tourism sector, but has brilliant beaches and an infrastructure problem to meet the recent tourism demands.

With ever increasing tourism and property industries, a great diversity between islands, and let's face it... 12 months a year of sandy beaches and blue skies, the appropriate property investments in Cape Verde will undoubtedly afford tremendous capital growth and rental revenue chances for numerous years to come.
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