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Solid Worktops: Why Quartz Worktops Are The Marines Of The Kitchen

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By : William Penworthy    99 or more times read
Quartz worktops and solid worktops have been rapidly gaining in popularity over the past few months as an increasing number of people realize the tremendous range of benefits in both having solid worktops installed compared to cheaper kitchen worktop solutions, and in having quartz worktops fitted in particular.

Whether as part of a new build, an extension project or simply a kitchen redesign, solid worktops provide a wide range of benefits and advantages, and for their price represent a much better investment than the cheaper worktops that are available.

When considering solid worktops one of the most popular alternatives available are quartz worktops, and increasingly in many of the new build properties springing up across the country it will be quartz worktops that are installed as people are recognizing the range of advantages they have to offer.

If you're looking for a suitable kitchen worktop, why would you choose solid worktops over laminate ones, and why would you choose quartz worktops amongst other solid alternatives that might be available?

Certainly you could spend a lot less on kitchen worktops than choosing quartz, and in fact all solid surfaces tend to be more expensive. But it's a little like buying cheap candles - you light it one moment, and by the time you've got in the bath all you're left with is a spluttering wick and a puddle of wax.

For the long term benefits, solid worktops make a good deal more sense for the money, since kitchens are notoriously one of the toughest environments within the home. It would be reasonably fair to say that the average kitchen is easily comparable to a war zone, with chemical warfare taking place across your work surfaces, the heat of battle and the clash of steel in evidence, and then of course for the ultimate test, you throw your children into the equation.

From acidic chemicals such as vinegar and lemon juice to the heat of boiling water, scalding pans and spitting oil. Then with the clash of steel as pots, pans and dishes are slammed, dropped, knocked and dumped unceremoniously on any convenient area of kitchen worktop, anything less than monumentally durable and your kitchen worktop is quickly going to look like it lost the battle, and cheap laminate worktops are most definitely less than monumentally durable.

This is the main reason why so many more people are choosing solid worktops. It may well be the increase in cookery programmes on television, the breadth of choice when it comes to cooks and cooking styles now popularized through the media, or even the fact that the recession has spurred a growing number of us to start cooking for ourselves rather than eating out, ordering in or microwaving ready meals, but the truth is that more of us are now aware that our kitchens have to cope with whatever we throw at them.

If you've ever had a laminate worktop, especially one of the cheaper laminate worktops, then you'll be familiar with the cracking, splitting, peeling and general wear and tear that's very noticeable quite quickly. Not only does this look unsightly, but it also represents a real health risk, with bacteria leaping for joy at the sight of peels, nicks and cuts in a work surface, burrowing down and enjoying the endless opportunities to thrive, spread and colonise vast swathes of your kitchen. Not a good situation.

Solid worktops are not only much hardier, much more durable and able to survive the culinary warfare taking place with ease, but provide long lasting protection against infection too, making them healthier as well as more durable, more reliable and more attractive over the longer term.

But what about quartz worktops? What makes quartz worktops one of the best choices as far as solid worktops are concerned?

Quartz is a natural material, which means it offers a beautiful finish and a very attractive range of colours and styles. The word quartz is Slavic for 'hard', and quartz is known for being one of the toughest materials on the planet, which is what makes them ideally suited to the average kitchen.

But because quartz worktops are made by grinding quartz into fragments and binding them with a polymer resin, they can be made in a wide range of styles and shapes. Additionally, by introducing a few mirror flecks into the mixture very attractive sparkly worktops can be created which shine and sparkle in a very attractive way.

For the ultimate in style, versatility and durability quartz worktops represent one of the best options for solid worktops, able to withstand almost anything you care to throw at it, including your burnt casserole.

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