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Home Buying Tips: Making the Offer

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Before buying a property, you need to know its basics. One of the most important parts is making an offer.

An offer is your way of expressing your desire to purchase the property. Along with intention, you will also state in there the various terms and conditions that you want to govern the sale. This is also where you mention at what price you are most willing to pay for. Although, you (as the buyer) gets a chance to write all the possible conditions that could be favorable to your part but this does not automatically binding. A seller needs to agree to it before you can make the purchase and before you can enforce the conditions stated on your offer.

The challenge in here is how you can get the seller to agree to your offer. If there is plenty of competition in the market, you may have a hard time getting the seller to say yes. There are other buyers who are better financially and this alone can be their greatest advantage. But setting aside this fact, you need to make an offer that is worth considering; one that can catch the seller's attention. Your goal is to write one that would not be worth looking at and not easily thrown on the trash.

To help you out, here are some tips in making an offer:

  1. Never even try lowballing. Doing this can insult the seller. The seller could disregard your offer easily and you could lose your shot into buying the property you want.

  2. Always research before making an offer. Getting enough data about the property and the seller helps you create a reasonable offer that is favorable to your part. Researching also puts you in a better position to negotiate. Remember, knowledge is power. The more you know about the market, the seller and the condition of the property, the better you can make offers that would push sellers to say yes even if it is more favorable to your part.

  3. Get help from a real estate agent. The real estate agent is the best person you can ask about anything related to home buying. A seasoned and trustworthy agent can be your light when making purchase offer turns dark and cloudy. It is sometimes worth paying for them because they do not only ensure you get the deal. They can also guide you all throughout the buying process.

  4. Protect yourself by mentioning contingency clause. There may be instances were certain conditions gives you the power to buy a house. For example, getting approved of mortgage or sale of your previous property, are just some of the cases that allows you to proceed with the purchase. There are also some instances when you no longer want to purchase the house because of too much concealed defects. Certain clauses that allow you to withdraw the purchase must be mentioned.

  5. Walk away when the seller keeps rejecting. According to experts, one has to choose his or her battles when buying homes. Do not keep on charging because if you do, you might end up foregoing other deals that are far better than what you are pushing for.
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