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How to Avoid Making Your First Home Buying Experience a Nightmare

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By : Greg Eckler    99 or more times read
As the government funded support for the real estate market recovery nears the end of its scheduled existence, many first-time home buyers struggle to get their piece of the stimulus pie. With the big push for home buying going on, there are some buyers who are finding that their first-time home buying experience might not be all that itís cracked up to be. There are a variety of ways that first time buyers can ensure that their experience is as good as they can possibly make it just by planning ahead and being a little skeptical of any claim that doesnít have proof to back it up.

The first thing that you need to realize when you are looking at buying a home is that you probably have a finite amount of money to work with and you need to fit your expenses to your income. Unfortunately, the price tag on a listed home does not accurately describe the actual amount of money that the home will end up costing you. To have an accurate idea of how much money you have to put into the project, take the time to go to your lender and get a pre-approved mortgage. Now consider that your housing costs should be no more than one third of your monthly income. Many home buyers consider the amount that their lender says that they can borrow to be the amount that they can spend on a home without bothering to look at what they can afford to spend. The bank doesnít know your spending habits, be responsible for knowing what costs you can actually afford.

Another good thing to keep in mind is that some of what you see in a home might not be an accurate representation of what things are like under the surface. Sellers will only disclose the negative aspects that they have to by law in most cases. Often there are repairs done to a home before itís put on the market, like painting, which might cover up subtle signs of water damage or other problems. Hire a home inspector that you have picked out yourself to inspect the home, not one that your Realtor tells you to use so that you can be sure that thereís no conflict of interest going on.

Buying a home can be a stressful experience at the best of times; when there is a deadline that you want to be closing your sale though, thatís just an added bit of stress that you donít need to take on. Take the time to make sure that you can afford the home that you pick, and that the home that you want isnít going to cost you a pile of extra money when all is said and done.
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