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Seattle foreclosures: The best properties to choose your second home from

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By : John Smith    99 or more times read
By investing in the Seattle foreclosures, you can get to live in one of the much sought after residential cities of America without much of an expense. A wave of foreclosures has been thronging all over the country and Seattle is no exception having around 2400 foreclosed properties.

To buy these properties you must have enough knowledge on them and should also be careful in every move of yours. Generally these properties can be acquired without much effort and expenditure from their owners if the properties are in pre foreclosure stage. If it enters a foreclosed auction, then the competition is severe. Properties which are not sold off in a foreclosed auction are taken over by banks. Buying these properties which are sold as REOs (Real Estate Owned) requires you to make lots of transactions with the banks and also pay a structured commission fee to foreclosure fee.

Any kind of home can be bought through these properties. The amount you need to invest in depends on the venture you are undertaking. Since a home is a great investment to make, many people who already own a home keep looking out for a cheaper second investment. One can easily accomplish this through the purchase of foreclosures. These properties are sold for almost half the price of the market value. Thus it can save you nearly $50,000. Also those who buy second homes usually rent them out, so it is better to go for the foreclosures. If you are trying to find a good residence through foreclosures, may be you need to invest in renovating the home to high standards which would cost you a little more.

But in case of renting out homes you can save on that money too. And most of the renters today are those who have walked out of their own homes facing foreclosure. So if you are buying foreclosures and making business out of rental properties, you can keep your cash registers ringing every month as none of your property may go unoccupied. Also the situation now is very favorable for buying homes. The government has released the long held $6500 tax credit for repeat home buyers. So, exploit the services provided by the real estate websites, find out suitable homes at ease and make a great investment through Seattle foreclosures.
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