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The Advantages of Home Ownership

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By : Peter Jordan    99 or more times read
Owning your home is as American as apple pie, and a very important part of achieving the American Dream. Home ownership not only provides stability for your family but also offers you financial and social benefits. These benefits are as follows.

Tax breaks are one of the biggest positives for owning your own home. In addition to being a smart investment, being a homeowner offers you tax advantages over time that are not accessible for people who rent. One of the most popular breaks that are currently available is the mortgage interest deduction. This deduction allows homeowners to reduce their level of taxable income.

Another positive of ownership is that you can take out loans based on your home’s equity and the interest of these Home Equity Lines of Credit is tax-deductible. These are just a few of many advantages offered to homeowners. If you are organized and conscious to some of the breaks that are available, you could save money on your taxes. Also, talk with the person who prepares your taxes and ask him questions about what advantages are available to you as a homeowner.

The second benefit to buying your own home is the equity that you grow over the time you own the property. A home’s value is something that can increase over the years and gain more equity. More equity is accrued when the value of your home rises at the same time your mortgage is decreasing.

One of the biggest factors in the price of your home going up is the location and the demand in your particular market. Westfield New Jersey real estate for instance has shown a growth in home’s value over time. The Westfield New Jersey area has also seen a rise in first time homebuyers. People purchasing their first house have even more advantages at their disposal according to Westfield realtors, and there are plenty more homes for sale in the community.

Another way to increase the value of your property is to make simple repairs and renovations. Taking care of your home on the inside and out not only raises its price but also it can grow the appreciation you have for your home. A little spring-cleaning every year never hurt anyone.

Finally, the third major benefit that you get with home ownership is community. Buying a house instantly makes you part of a neighborhood. It gives you the chance to make new acquaintances with neighbors, and provides a sense of stability that was not there when you were a tenant.

Buying a home is one of the first and biggest investments that people make. The advantages to owning a home far outweigh those of a renter. So are you ready to step up and start living your American Dream? Contact a realtor in your area and start the process to becoming a homeowner today.
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