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How to Become Familiar with HOA Rules before Buying a Home

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In buying a new home, you always have to make sure that you know everything about the specific property you want to purchase. By doing this, you will feel more satisfied with your final purchase. One of the most important things you should know about your new house is the rules implemented by its Homeowners Association. Once you learn their rules, you would never have a hard time in adjusting to your new neighborhood. Read this article in order to understand the importance of knowing HOA rules and know what you should expect from your new neighborhood.

Importance of knowing implemented rules

Before knowing what you should expect from your potential HOA, you should know the importance of understanding its standardized policies first. Of course, the first reason is to help you cope with the changes in your new neighborhood. Your old home is entirely different from your new house, so you would definitely need to adjust your lifestyle according to its requirements. Next is the increased satisfaction you would feel. Once you understand their policies, you will have no hard feelings when you are obliged to submit to their authority.

What you should expect

You should expect some things from your Homeowners Association. As a policy-making body in your neighborhood, they have the right to implement strict rules that homeowners should follow. This can fall into three categories. First is the way the property can be utilized. Second involves the monthly fees and fines, while the third category talks about the presence of domestic pets around the neighborhood.

In the first category, you will be enforced to keep or change your property depending on the rules stated in the signed agreements. Your HOA can tell you the limits of changing your home’s structure or adding accessories into it. For an example, your decision of adding pools or even basketball hoops into your yard can be affected by what their clear-cut policies state. Always keep these things in mind if you want to avoid trouble from renovating parts of your home without permission from important authorities.

Every homeowner is required to pay a certain amount of fee in order to serve as the HOA fund. The money collected from residents is used to pay for maintenance and development projects around your neighborhood. Whether it involves building new public parks or paying garbage collection fees, the monthly fee you are required to pay always covers for such community expenses. If ever you violate their rules, you will also need to pay fines depending on the intensity of the offense that you committed.

Lastly, they should also have rules about keeping pets in the neighborhood. They can say the different breeds, sizes, or animal types that a particular resident could keep. If you want to keep your pets, make sure to check their policies and find out whether your beloved pets are allowed in your potential neighborhood.

Now that you understand some of the most common HOA rules, you can do more researching about specific areas you want to know more about. Learn each policy by heart in order to avoid having conflicts with your homeowners association.

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