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Some people want to get into house more than anything, but are held back by one little number, their credit score. They could have a good paying job, money in the bank, and have everything ready to purchase a home, but the credit bureaus stop them in their tracks.

This could be for something over 5 years ago that wasn't even your fault like credit reporting errors, identity thefts, or bad collection practices. 79% of credit reports contain errors and 25% of those errors are severe enough to deny you credit. That means 4 out of 5 credit reports are being reported incorrectly and denying people credit. Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the world because it is easy to do and rarely do people get caught. Collection companies report incorrectly all the time including reporting accounts that are already being reported by the original creditor and not updating balances.

All of these things are out of the consumers control, but they have to pay for it because that is what the credit bureau is reporting. The credit bureaus have privately ran businesses that make money on reporting consumer's credit. This is not a government ran agency and was finally regulated by the FTC with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

It is every consumer's right to dispute an item on their credit report whether it is correct or not. There is nothing in the constitution that says your past mistakes or the past mistakes from others should stop you from getting a home to live in.

So whether consumers do it themselves or hire a credit repair expert to remove negative items for them, it needs to be done. Getting your client's scores up will make it possible for people who deserve to get into home, get into one.
The biggest and most experienced credit repair company in the nation has helped over 500,000 clients remove negative items from their credit report. So if you or your clients need credit help or credit repair take advantage of your rights and get the credit you deserve.
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