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Buying Foreclosed Properties? Here Are the Things You Need to Bear in Mind

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By : Roby Hicks    99 or more times read
If you intend to buy a property today, you are in luck. Because of the high number of foreclosed properties in the market, prices are lower. You also have more options. That will give you your money’s worth. You have to be careful though. You may encounter problems in the process. Take your time in looking. Seek help to verify information about the property too.

There are different problems you may encounter if you are not careful. There are liens and restriction on the property. You may also have problems with the occupants of the property. And you may be purchasing a house that is in a poor state. This often happens if you do not conduct an inspection.

There are a lot of things you need to bear in mind when purchasing a foreclosed property. Here are some of them.

  1. Prequalify for a loan. Just like purchasing any real estate, it is essential that you prequalify first. This will guide you in choosing the property you will purchase. With this, you will know the price range of the property you will check. This is also necessary because most of the banks will ask for a prequalification letter before they transact with you.

  2. Hire a real estate agent. A buyer’s agent will make sure that you are properly represented. He will assist you in making the right decisions. He will also do most of the work for you. Among the things he will help you with is the negotiation of the price of the property. If your agent is good, he will surely be able to convince the seller to accept the price you are offering them. This should not be difficult for him since most banks want to sell their foreclosed properties right away.

  3. Learn where to look for foreclosed homes. There are various areas to check. This will be easier because all foreclosed properties are reported in the public records. You can also monitor the announcements of the different banks. They usually advertise it on local papers before they auction the properties. You can also head to the different banks with foreclosed. Your agent will also help you find them.

  4. Study the offer you will make. Even if you have an agent, you should be familiar with how this works. The best way to determine how much offer to make is to check the properties sold in the area. Compare the asking prices with the selling prices. Use the average difference a guide. If the average selling price is $5000 lower than the asking price, then you can base on that.

  5. Inspect the property. Many foreclosed properties are sold as is. Although this is the case, you need to check the property first before you decide to buy it. The property may be in a really bad condition. Besides, there are a lot of other foreclosed homes to choose from.

Benefit from the many foreclosed properties sold today. If you are patient, you will surely find a beautiful home at a very affordable value. Just be careful with your choices.
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