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Tips on Affordable Updates before Home Selling

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By : Sonia Smith    99 or more times read
When it comes to home selling, many homeowners often face the question of how to best market and sell their homes, especially now that the economy is facing a slowdown and more and more homes are being put up in the market for sale. The increase of for sale homes have caused a considerable drop in the value and as a seller, you want to make sure that you get the most out of your home.

As of this writing, values of home continue to drop as more and more people are considering selling their homes. One of the best methods to sell your home is doing minor and affordable updates. Here are several affordable updates that you can do to improve your home:

  1. Fixing the flooring is an inexpensive update that can add value to your home. Wood flooring is very in demand nowadays and if you have solid wooden floors, your home will probably get more selling opportunities than other homes. Enhance and refinish your wooden floors and get rid of those carpets. Replace old carpets with new ones with light and neutral colors.

  2. Doing affordable kitchen updates will return your investment almost to a hundred percent. Add moldings or repaint your kitchen to give it a fresh new look. Spruce up your cabinets by putting moldings and change your kitchen backsplash by mixing and matching tiles. You do not have to replace your countertop, you can simply laminate it to make it look new and clean and use a new and modern faucet to replace old ones. Make sure that all your kitchen appliances are working well.

  3. Many homebuyers spend a great deal of their time staring at the ceilings. Typically, they are trying to look for signs of roof leaks. However, you would not want them to discover grease or smoke stains and worst, cracks in your ceiling. The same goes to the walls. Give your ceiling a new look by repainting. Use fibreglass tapes and cover with sand and joint compound for big cracks. Replace outdated wall panelling, use neutral colors such as light tan or cream, and paint with neutral and soft colors after you have primed them.

  4. You can change the bathroom appearance by changing the design. You can add pretty bathroom accessories like brand new floor mats, towel holders, curtain rods, shower curtains and many more. Instead of installing new bathroom tiles, you can simply re-groute them to make them look new and clean.

  5. Updating the inside of your home can mean more work. Nevertheless, there are affordable ways to update the interior of your home and make it look like a mansion. For instance, you can use energy-efficient light fixtures to add more lights to your room or even all the rooms in the house.

  6. Landscaping is another great way to attract potential homebuyers. To create a mini-garden, you can add beautiful flowerpots and other kinds of plants around your house. You can go further by making a lounging area using unused tables and chairs and a huge umbrella to complete the look. You can create pebble or dirt paths in your walk and ensure that your yard is at all times clean and clutter-free.

The truth behind an affordable home update before selling is careful planning and only fixing those items that require updates and fixes. The affordable and minor updates mentioned above are just a few of your options to improve your home before you sell it.

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