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Important Guide on Getting Home Repairs Prior to Home Selling

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By : Fredrica Smith    99 or more times read
There are now fewer home buyers who are willing to invest in fixer-upper properties as such estates require further financial obligations. They are more inclined to purchasing a home in acceptable living conditions, with minimal or no defects at all. As a seller, you have the responsibility to ensure your property is in good shape prior to putting it up for sale. This way you can attract as many buyers possible.

So you can determine presence of damages in all possible areas of your house and its surroundings, you must walk through your property carefully. As you go through your own inspection, list down the damages and the corresponding location where you found them. This can help you in resolving which ones should be prioritized. You might consider giving primary focus on defects found in visible areas like in the front yard, walls and roof. Another factor you can utilize in ranking defects is their costs. You can take on the small inexpensive ones until you have accumulated ample budget for major repairs. However, major repairs are still different from remodeling or renovation projects. Think twice before remodeling. Note that not all your expenses for enhancing the property will be included in calculating your final asking price.

There are some defects that you can fix yourself. Busted lights, loose switches and hinges, broken locks, cracked tiles or roof shingles, leaky faucets and chipped off surfaces, either with wallpaper or paint are a few of easy-to-handle damages. Replacing light bulbs, fastening screws, resurfacing wooden fixtures or repainting would not even take a full week to complete. Moreover, there are eco-friendly, energy-efficient and cost-effective alternative materials you can use. These promise better and long-term performance. Plus, you might be in for tax benefits as some districts reward home owners who purchase green materials for home improvement.

Handling repairs may be labor-intensive and costly. But you can save yourself a great deal of effort and money if you keep a regular maintenance schedule. Cleaning your house, items in it and its surroundings would sustain their pristine condition. Primary cleaning tasks would include dusting, wiping and polishing furniture pieces, fixtures, floors and windows, mowing the lawn, trimming plants and removing weeds from gutters.

On the other hand, do not fully disregard the importance and advantages of having a professional inspection done in your home. Note that there are some aspects of your property that need special care or evaluation measures to correctly assess whether they are still in well working order. Drainage, plumbing, septic system, water supply or well deposit, air quality, foundation of the structure, heating and cooling systems, insulation and electrical wiring are some of the major areas scientific tests and expert opinions are required. For example, presence of lead, asbestos and other harmful invisible, tasteless and odorless gases can only be detected through special tests and instruments accessible only by licensed inspectors.

Although there are expenses attached to professional inspections, the costs can be equalized by the benefits you can get for your promoting your house for sale. Upon enlisting your home, you can include an overview of the inspection report. Such information can entice buyers as they would be somehow assured that the property went through appropriate measures in checking its soundness. The inspection report and receipts of repairs or contractor fees can also be included in your seller’s disclosure, which can further convince a buyer to quickly put down an offer, thus hasten the closing process.
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