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How to Survive Relocation

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By : Sonia Smith    99 or more times read
Today’s world is definitely flexible to various realities, like the trend in relocation. As a matter of fact, half a million people are moving every year for various reasons. It is important to determine the essential things you need to be able to survive this stressful and tough task. The key to a successful moving is to make plans ahead of time. Following are several tips on surviving relocation.

  1. Start looking through your things at least eight or six weeks before your moving day. Concentrate on the things in your attic, basement and storage shed to find items that you certainly need in your next residence. Bear in mind that the more things you bring, the more complex your move could be. You would be better off to get rid of unnecessary things.

  2. After you have ascertained the things you are going to bring, start to contact a moving company of your choice. The moving company can give you a cost estimate and will be able to sell you packing supplies such as boxes, packaging tapes and many more.

  3. When packing your things, keep these notes in mind:
    a. Smaller items should be packed in larger boxes and heavier items in a smaller box.
    b. Put together items in a particular room and label each box, for instance living room items, kitchen items, and many more.
    c. Be careful when packing fragile or breakable items. Put cushions inside this box to ensure safety of these things.
    d. Provide a single box for your immediate needs when you arrive in your new home such as toilet paper, cups, instant coffee and utensils. Do not forget to set aside this box and make sure that it gets loaded to the truck last so you do not have to go through several boxes when you arrive.

  4. Stay away from your movers on the actual day of your moving. Although it is understandable that sometimes you get edgy when other people handle your belongings. Instinctively you might offer suggestions such as how to handle your boxes and furniture, which in truth do not help at all. Remember that movers are professionals and they know more about their job than you do. It is best to rely on the experts at a time like this to make your moving easier.

  5. As soon as all your things are already safe in the truck, write down the shipment registration number and keep this paper in a safe place in case you have questions about your shipment. It would also be helpful to leave your contact details with the moving company so they can easily reach you for whatever concerns.

  6. The next thing you have to do is to get to your new home safely and wait for the moving van. Inform your mover ahead of time on which rooms you would like your boxes and furniture to be put.

      Adjustment is an inevitable truth in relocation. It is important to prepare yourself and the whole family physically, socially, psychologically and emotionally to avoid depression. Sadness normally sets in the moment you arrive in your new home because you miss your old home, neighbors and friends. Make sure to keep in touch with your old friends and neighbors to help alleviate the stress of moving.

      There are countless ways in surviving relocation as long as you are determined and you have the will to surpass it and begin to make a new start to be able to make your life more enjoyable and fruitful.
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