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Landlord's Options for a Tenant who Breaks the Lease

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A landlord should expect that tenants usually come and go. There are some tenants who would stay for months and even for a number of years but there are also some who would not even finish their contract. If a tenant breaks a lease agreement weeks or months before it expires, the burden is usually on the part of the landlord. However, there are steps you can do to limit the occurrence of this situation. Here are three things that you need to work on.

If the rent of your apartment is below the current market rent, analyze if it is already time to make a raise so as to improve your cash flow. If a tenant leaves you, do not take it against you or as a loss. This might be a venue for you to compare your rent price with today’s trend.

The next thing that you could do is to take the option of settling the matter by negotiating with your tenant and have them take care of the payment for the remaining rent due. If you were not the reason for the breaking of the lease, you have the right to take legal action by suing your tenant for your losses because of the remainder of the broken lease. You can benefit from this, by telling your tenant that you will free them from their contract if they would agree to settle it by paying a portion of the remaining rental fee.

Lastly, the landlord can lease the property again even if the lease of the former tenant has not yet expired. However, this does not mean that an owner could just let anyone to occupy the vacated unit or just have it rented at a price which is lower than the market rent. The point here is that do not be so desperate in trying to have someone rent the vacant unit by grabbing any opportunity that comes along. But you must try to get somebody to get the unit rented to mitigate the losses that you had because of the departure of your former tenant. This is the best action to take than to take your complaint to court that would require you to spend money because it would be so costly if you have this on your mind.

So, if you are an owner of an apartment for lease and you have a tenant who breaks his contract, check if the rent you gave him is lower than the contemporary market value. If that would be the case, then, it would be for your advantage because his departure means you now have the opportunity to raise the rental fee. However, if there is no case such as this, the more appropriate step to take is to discuss it with your tenant by offering him a written agreement that would put closure on the lease and that you recommend him to another landlord provided that he would give partial payment for the remaining rent that he owes you.

As a landlord, there are really instances that you would be confronted with problems on tenants that break their lease. Be open to this situation; just pat yourself and prepare to market your property to another tenant.
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