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Keep Yourself Aware of Signs Indicating Tenant Abandonment

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Maintaining rental properties is not an easy task. You have to make sure that it is always in good condition so that you will not need to shoulder expensive repairs or replacements. You would also need to monitor the behavior of your renters in order to ensure that signed contract agreements are not being set aside. However, one of the hardest situations that you might face is tenant abandonment. This situation would lead you to big problems, especially while you are trying to collect important proofs to support your allegations against your lessees.

If you want to ascertain whether your lessees really left your property without asking your permission or paying their rents, you should read this article. It shares important information about keeping yourself aware of signs of tenant abandonment. It also suggests a few legal actions that you should do in order to preserve the rights of all the parties involved.

Signs of tenant abandonment

There are different signs of tenant abandonment that you should look for while assessing the situation that you are currently facing. By keeping a detailed account of such proofs that you have collected, you can easily defend your case in front of anyone who tries to question your accusations and motives.

First, you should survey the surrounding area of the property. Since it is against the law to enter its premises, you can check its mailbox and peek through its windows. If ever some letters or documents have piled up in his mailbox, do not open such letters. Just read its date of exact delivery in order to help you identify a probable date of their departure. This would give you an idea of how long they have been away from your property. Meanwhile, peeking through its windows will help you see if they have already moved out their things. Once you see that most of their things are also gone, you would have a stronger case of tenant abandonment.

Lastly, talk to some of their neighbors and relatives. Their neighbors can tell you any suspicious activity that they have performed a few days before they left. They can even provide you exact dates of when they saw your lessees leaving the apartment for good. Meanwhile, talking to their relatives or friends would help you obtain their new addresses and contact numbers. This is a very important step because you should do everything you can to reach them and inform them about your doubts and worries. In addition, it would assist you in clarifying things with your lessees. Misunderstandings would be avoided once you succeed in getting their sincere and honest replies.

Dealing with the case

Once you collect numerous proofs pointing to a strong case of tenant abandonment, you should seek help from your legal representative as soon as possible. It would be a good way to make sure that you are not breaking any law related to this kind of situation. Do not fail to notify your delinquent tenants about their misdeeds, and tell them the possible penalties that they might experience from committing such misconducts. If they agree on settling the case in person, you can give them the option of avoiding the need to face lawsuits and court cases.

Now that you know some signs that indicate tenant abandonment, you should keep your eyes and ears open while investigating this puzzling mystery. Never forget to seek legal guidance if ever you need to press charges or file court possession orders against your previous tenants.
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