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The Need for a Home Inspection

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By : Roby Hicks    99 or more times read
Many are still wondering why there is a need for a home inspection. Many think that this is unnecessary especially if the property is very cheap. However, you should still check the property before purchasing it. Remember, no matter how cheap a property is. It should still be able to provide you with a safe and comfortable dwelling.

Additionally, a home inspection offers a lot of benefits. First, it allows you to get to know the property better. It will also give you a way to negotiate with the seller better. Most importantly, this will give you the opportunity to cancel the transaction especially if the house you are about to purchase have many serious problems. In order to do that, check the contract first. There should be a clause stating that you can cancel the transaction if there are some serious problems uncovered after the home inspection.

Here, you will need good home inspector. Such inspector will check the different areas in the house. He will identify problems and categorize them. There are damages that do not pose a threat. However, there are also those that affects the property and its occupants in a major way. After identifying such defects, the inspector will provide options and suggestions on what you can do. You can either repair it or replace the entire thing.

There are different information that the inspector will provide. First, he will check the structure. He will look at the sturdiness of the house. The state of the foundation will influence that. In most cases, the foundation is not visible. In this case, the inspector will check the walls around the foundation for cracks and other indicators of problems.

Aside from the structure, he will also check the different parts of the property. This includes the roof, the wall and the floor. It is very important to check the roof. There could be leaks on the roof that will let the water in the house when it rains. The cracks on the walls and the floor might lead to more serious problems in the future if not dealt with right away.

In addition to that, the different rooms in the house will be checked as well. The bedrooms will be inspected and checked. The inspector may have reason to believe that there are termites in the bedroom and will suggest a further inspection by an expert. He will also check the bathroom. There might be problems on the shower, faucets and the water lines. There could also be a problem in the faucets in the kitchen. In addition to the fixture, the different devices and appliances will also be checked.

Moreover, the inspector will also check the various systems in the house. This includes the plumbing, the water heating system, the HVAC and the electrical system. The findings of the inspector will be detailed in his report.

Once the report is given, you will have an idea of the real condition of the property. If there are problems, you can ask the seller to repair them or lower its value. You can even back out from the entire transaction if the damage is very serious.
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