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I Want to Know What the Key is to Selling a House

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By : marco benavides    99 or more times read
If you want to know what the key is to selling a house, you are not alone, especially not since the real estate market is still going through corrections due to the latest crisis. The fact is that there is still a lack of buyers in the real estate market, and homeowners must be really creative in order to move a property, especially if a home has been in the listings longer than it should.

As a seller, you really need to be aware of the 60% of the decision whether to buy your house has already been made when they buyer enters your home. Real estate agents know that 40% of the decision takes place when buyers look at the outside of your house, and 20% takes place upon buyers entering your home.

This means that your home has all of about 60 seconds to make such an impression that buyers are going to want to live in it. You home is going to have to be welcoming, inviting, have a homey feeling, and it must create a heart-warming impression.

Now that you know this, you have to go about creating all of these feelings and emotions around your home so that potential buyers can sense them. You need to really pay attention to the outside paint and make sure that it is not faded, peeled or cracked.

You also have to make sure that your lawn is well tended, your bushes and shrubs are trimmed, and that there are lots of plants and colorful flowers all around the house. Your front door and windows that face the front should get special treatment too because they are among the first things that buyers are going to see.

You have to get rid of the clutter inside and outside the house if you really want to create an impression, and that means that you have to remove any furniture that takes over any room in the house. Make sure that everything is well lit, open, and that people can easily walk around the house.

If you are a smoker or if you have pets, there is going to be smoke and pet odor in your home, whether or not you can smell it. Make sure you pay special attention to these strong odors because people will certainly notice them even if you do not.

If you have a lot of personal mementos and curios, get rid of them because they are too personal and you will make it too difficult for people to see themselves living in your house. Your personal effects will have the opposite effect of what you are trying to accomplish because what you really want is for people to be able to picture themselves in each room of the home you are trying to sell.

When someone is coming to look at your home, make yourself scarce or you will make people uncomfortable. People who are looking at your home need to freely discuss the what they like and do not like about your house with your real estate agent, and they will not do so if the owner is hovering around the house.

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