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Home Owner's Association 101

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Home owner’s Association or also known as HOA is a non-profit organization established and composed of home owners and residents in a particular community. This committee or group basically governs and upholds rules implemented for the smooth governance of the community they belong to.

It primarily tackles on concerns about certain things that can and cannot take place in properties under its jurisdiction. In other cases, it also determines the monetary issues and rules that covered in spending such finances on shared properties. In the contemporary real estate industry, many townhouses and condominiums are under or a part of the HOA. Single-family homes which are recently developed also established their own Home Owner’s Association in order to protect the rights and demands of the members of their community.

Those who essentially purchased and owned a property in a particular area becomes an automatic member of the home owner’s association. In the case of condo settings, the company that owns a majority of the units and residences in the condominium complex has the greatest influence in terms of the HOA rules and governance.

Hence, the moment an individual purchases or rents a unit within that building or complex, he automatically becomes a member of the organization, hence entitled of all the rights as well as the obligations including membership dues. HOA membership usually varies in range and quantity with some garnering the highest membership also receives higher income for membership dues which may amount to $300 a month.

HOA have many responsibilities and acts which include establishing sets of CC&R or covenants, conditions and restrictions. In some cases, the CC&R may comprise of many rules and implementations that require a member to comply with the agreed upon membership due. It can also impose certain restrictions as to the way a person can use his very own property. Hence, there are rules that basically touch on the number of people who can actually occupy the house, what paint you can use in your home improvement project or the rules regarding the use of common areas and utilities in your community such as the pools or exercise rooms among others.

The ultimate and fundamental objective of the CC&R is to primarily provide a pleasant and convenient property or community for all its residents. However, the need to be very careful in purchasing a property with its existing HOA rules and CC&R is important since some HOAs are quite stringent and totalitarian in the way they impose rules and control their members.

One of the most frequent issues in terms of complying with the HOA rules is the ones pertaining to joint property maintenance. This includes issues on providing repair and needed fixtures on common utilities and areas such as the pool upkeep, gardening and outside repair among others. Proper maintenance and upkeep of the community or the property you are living in is essential and is basically where your membership dues go.

Home owner’s association differs in different terms according to the rules and implementations of its members. Find a property governed by HOA rules you are most amenable to before making a home purchase.
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