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Not only is a home inspection required during a home sale, but also a good investment for homebuyers and home sellers alike. A homebuyer will almost certainly save money on repair costs and a home seller will be able to sleep well and is confident of a positive sale. A home inspector typically looks for the same items in a property such as repairs and defects before closing occurs.

If you are about to buy or sell a home, the following are items that you should expect at a home inspection.

  1. A certified home inspector will walk through the house and examine roof peaks, look for dipping spots, which could mean structural damage and foundation defects. You can expect the inspector to climb up his ladder for a complete roof inspection, including the bath vent pipes, roof ventilation, skylights and the condition of the shingles in general. The inspector will make an estimate of the life span of each item.

  2. The inspector will also check out the outside of the home and evaluate the state of sidings, landscaping lights, brick veneer, sprinkler systems, walkways and sidewalks condition within the lines of the property.

  3. The internal inspection includes sticking doors and windows, which could indicate damage in the foundation and will check out for cracked drywall. The home inspector will make a general summary of the condition of the plumbing such as the sinks, faucets, toilets, showers and garbage disposal.

  4. The electrical systems of the home will also be inspected, including circuit breakers, the main panel, ceiling fans, receptacles and light fixtures.

  5. Major components and home systems will also be inspected, like the condition and the age of the furnace, water heater, ductwork, fireplace, chimney and central air.

  6. Some appliances will also undergo an inspection like the ranges, ovens, built-in microwaves and dishwashers among others.

  7. The doors, slab floor, walls and electric door openers in the garage will also be included in the inspection.

Depending on the size of the home, an inspection can take around two to four hours. Whether you are homebuyer or a home seller, it is recommended that you attend a home inspection to help you understand better the items that need attention. So, make your plans before the scheduled inspection.

Expect a report to be submitted within three to four days from the date of the inspection. Usually, the report includes a summary of the items discovered. Do not be astonished of a long list; this is only normal since there is no such thing as a perfect home. In some instances, an expert will be called to make a further evaluation and give an estimate of the expenses on repairs.

If you happen to be a homebuyer, you could request the home seller if he or she could fix certain items, otherwise give you credit at closing so you can fix things yourself. Remember that you should always be reasonable in your request and refrain from creating a wish list of upgrades that are unnecessary and insignificant. The good news is, usually a buyer and a seller always comes up with a happy solution that benefits both.
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