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Keep the Heat inside Your Home during Cold Winter Months

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It is not impossible to keep a warm and cozy home during the winter season. Actually, you can do this without causing your electric bills to shoot up. All you need to do is to perform a comprehensive checkup around your house. You have to discover some areas that would need your attention, as well as different equipments that you should purchase as early as now. By doing this, you and your loved ones would feel less threatened by cold and harsh snowstorms. Here are some cost-efficient steps that you should do in order to keep the heat inside your home.

Check all your windows

Make sure that your windows are shut tight in order to avoid the freezing wind from entering your house. You can try holding a paper in front of your window and observe if it is moving. If the paper moves, this means that cold air is effortlessly passing through your windows. When this chilling air circulates around the house, it would cancel out or minimize the effect of your heating system. You will need to adjust your thermostat a bit higher, hence making your electric bills more expensive than it should be.

So how can you stop cold air from entering your humble abode? You can actually do this by sealing the edges of your windows and placing towels across its bottom area. You can also invest on thick drapes and keep them shut day and night. By doing so, hot air produced by your thermostat will not escape from your home, while cold air stays outside your cozy residence.

Double-check your doors

Your doors are also vulnerable to cold and freezing air. Is your weather-stripping already rundown and damaged? Replace it with a durable one and make sure that it would last for a long time. You should also do the same sealing procedure that you did when closing all your windows.

Do you have any unused rooms where air from the outside can come in? Shut the doors of your unused rooms and close its vents. You can even cover the doors of those rooms with heavy plastic in order to make sure that they are tightly shut.

Assess the efficiency of your furnace or thermostat

Try to assess the efficiency o your furnace by comparing it with other furnaces. Does it seem to produce less heat than a normal furnace would produce? Do you already need to clean or replace its dirty air filters? Take note of your observations and do everything you can to improve its efficiency.

Remember that investing on new and clean filters would also be a good idea. Furnaces that have dirty filters consume more electricity, hence increasing your electric bills. You should also fix some cracks on around your fireplace in order to prevent hot air from escaping.

You should also think of having it serviced before the winter season comes. Contact some gas companies that offer small fees for fixing and checking your furnace. Make this your habit every year, and stick to a single company in order to avail good discounts and bargains.

Spread the wisdom

Now that you have learned valuable tips on keeping your house warm without increasing your electric bills, you already have the responsibility to teach your children about these tips. Train them to close the door every time the go inside and out of your house. You should also tell them the value of conserving energy in order to make them understand the importance of what they are doing.

These are only some of the most effective ways to keep the heat inside your home during freezing winter days. Remember these tips in order to avoid problems with expensive electric bills.
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