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Your Golf Course Property Option

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By : Sonia Smith    99 or more times read
These days, it is noticeable that many golf course properties are on the rise all throughout the country. Many are opting to buy a golf course home. Before buying, it is necessary that you know both the advantages and disadvantages of a golf course property to be able to weight your options well.

The advantages of a golf course home:

  1. A golf home is beautiful because the views are great, there is a wide expanse of space, and you get to enjoy the privacy you desire. The green grass and trees are both stress-relievers and very relaxing. It is just like having a park right outside your home.

  2. You will have access to the golf course anytime of the day to play a game or two, even at twilight time.

  3. Golf course living means you do not have close neighbors peering down your private space. Typically, your neighbors will be on both sides of your home or across. Your nearest neighbour is across the fairway and the distance will depend on the width of the fairways to the course.

  4. Most golf communities are family-oriented and children who are interested to learn the game at a young age can play even up to nine holes after school.

  5. You will enjoy tranquility and peace when living in a golf course community with minimal car noise and less and minimal car volume.

  6. Safety living is an assurance since most golf communities are gated.

  7. You may find to your delight errant golf balls in your yard.

  8. You will enjoy not only the golf course itself but also other facilities and amenities to suit your needs.

      The disadvantages of a Golf Course Home:

      1. You might not be able to rest on weekdays due to the noise from the course. The maintenance people usually comes between 6 to 7 AM everyday to cut the grass, groom bunkers and change pin location. Still, there are those who come around before light and the headlights of the new equipment may shine directly on your bedroom windows that are facing the course.

      2. There is a possibility that golf balls could break your windows, depending on how narrow the fairways are. This could be a regular happening depending on the location of your home along the golf course. Not only that, your furniture might be damaged, the house sidings could be hit and the screen porches could be torn.

      3. More nature means more animals and creatures around. The ponds in the golf course normally attract frogs, toads, snakes and birds. Although these are delightful to watch, you have to be extra careful of what might be around your yard and fences. The animals could also be quite noisy at various times of the year.

      4. The golf course sprays could affect the plants in your yard. You must be careful of what you plant at the back connecting to the area maintained by the course. The chemicals in the sprays might cause the bushes to turn brown and lose leaves.

      5. Turfs taken by rowdy golfers might cause you to twist an ankle.

      6. You have to be careful with what you wear around your home most of the time and bear comments of people passing by.

      7. The friction of mowers, tractors, golf carts, leaf blowers and the occasional misdirected golf ball that echoes off the roof tile or stucco like gunshots.

          In general, there are many factors that you should take into consideration when purchasing a golf course home. These could include proximity to main highways, work, schools, family and entertainment. The homes in the golf course community vary from condos to luxury houses and single homes. Whether or not it is overlooking a part of the course’s fairway or near a cul-de-sac, you are sure to find the right golf course home for you.

          After considering the advantages and disadvantages of living in a golf course community, you can now weight your options well before you proceed to purchase.
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