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Lead and Asbestos – Essential Must-Knows for Homeowners

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Lead and asbestos are components used in constructing buildings and residential homes especially in the 1950s. These materials have properties which are proven very viable and effective for home construction. However, due to certain proven reasons and factors, the utilization of such materials was stopped and banned.

However, if you prefer to buy a house which is more than 30 years old, then you still have to learn and understand what these components are and their adverse impact on your health.

Lead is a substance which is used in home paints and in various plumbing systems of homes and infrastructures in the past. It has reliable properties that tend to stick more efficiently on homes wall which is needed for home paints. Lead is a natural substance which is basically harmless however the process of ingesting its substance or contents in your body is the one that poses harm and danger.

There are home owners who are planning to renovate their vintage homes and improve their property through repainting. However, if you have older homes, then it is most possible that the walls are painted with lead-based paints. You cannot just go on and touch the walls and chip away the paints since the moment you inhale the chemical substances, it may cause potential health hazards. For instance, lead weakens the immune system and causes several ailments mostly targeting the nervous system.

Asbestos on the other hand is used for the walling and flooring system of the home which were constructed more than three decades ago. These are the materials which are often found in the construction of home fireplaces and furnaces. Asbestos have thermal and fire-resistant properties and also have good insulation qualities. However, the danger it poses to the respiratory system of your body is likewise proven, hence it was banned for home construction usage.

The small fibrous substances in asbestos materials are the toxic components of these items although in itself, asbestos is not that harmful. You may however suffer the consequences on your health with the improper treatment of asbestos. For instance, the cracks on these materials will allow the emission of its toxic substances and diffuse in the air, hence exposing you to the substance when inhaled. This in turn causes serious and often times fatal respiratory ailments and even terminal cancer.

In order for you to avoid endangering your health and those of your loved ones, it is best that you consult and hire professional asbestos experts who have knowledge, training and license in doing the renovation home project. There is a proper treatment and handling of this material found in your home in order to prevent the emission of fibers in the air that poses tremendous danger and hazard to your health.

Home investment and renovation is a long-term and profitable venture as long as you know how to do it with proper and careful treatment. In terms of lead and asbestos handling, trust only those who have the qualifications and credentials to ensure that your property and your health in the end are never compromised.
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