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Planning a Successful Open House

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By : Lina Horner    99 or more times read
For decades, it has been the custom to host an open house for homes that youíre helping clients sell, for the purpose of getting buyers to come and tour the property. An open house can be a great opportunity not only to show off a particular home, but also for you, as a Realtor, to network.

First you are going to have to decide on a good day of the week and time of day for your open house. The best times and days of the week to hold open houses on are often very much a product of the community that the home is in. In some areas, Saturday evenings work very well while in other places Sunday mornings are the best.†Ask the other Realtors in your office which times work best for them to get the scoop on this issue.

The first thing that you really need to take care of once you know when the open house is going to be is that of your safety.†Some Realtors donít think too much about it, but being by yourself in a house with some strangers can be very dangerous; arrange to have another Realtor there with you, or a family member or friend. Make sure that people know where you will be and what time to expect you back home.

The home should already be cleaned and staged because you will have already taken pictures for the online listings when this home went on the market. However, do a walk through to ensure that everything is up to standard and that the clutter hasnít crept back into the home. Just like you would do for a house tour, itís nice to set up that extra bit of staging for an open house; make sure the house is warm, have some hot coffee or juice and some fresh baking available for prospective buyers to have while they look around the house. Not only do refreshments help buyers feel at home, it makes the home smell welcoming as well.

Depending on your area, your marketing might be putting ads in the local paper, putting out ďopen houseĒ signs, or distributing fliers. Just like choosing the best days and time during the week to hold your open house in, other Realtors in your office can let you know which forms of marketing have worked best for them in the past.

Another aspect that Realtors sometimes forget is that prospective buyers require easy and convenient parking; many buyers wonít stop to tour an open house if there isnít somewhere convenient to park, particularly when the weather is poor.

While the primary purpose is always to show off the home that youíre helping your clients sell, it doesnít hurt to have some business cards handy to give to prospective buyers who stop by in case theyíre also in need of an agent to help them purchase a home. Doing the best job possible for the clients whoíre hosting the open house doesnít mean that you canít be on the lookout for other prospective clients at the same time.
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