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Newspaper Listings for Foreclosure Homes in Miami

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If you are looking to buy a home, you can find Miami foreclosure homes in your local newspaper. They are usually listed under the classified public notice section but you can also search through homes for sale. It is the law that foreclosures are listed in the public newspaper.

Foreclosure homes in Miami must be listed in the local newspaper. It is a part of the foreclosure process. When the homeowner is first served with the notice of default, the notice appears in the public notice section. This can be quite embarrassing for the homeowner. However, if you are interested in buying a foreclosed home, it is the best place to begin looking, especially if you have a specific house in mind you would like to buy. In addition, looking early can give you a good idea where the house is in the process of being foreclosed and going to the auction.

The public notice section of the classified ads is where all foreclosure homes in Miami are posted. This is common because it is required by the county; the home is listed as a legal ramification. There are three different postings that are listed about foreclosures. These notifications include the notice of default, the intent to sell, and the auction listing for the public. Anyone can attend an auction in the public, which is why the home is listed in the public notice section.

Foreclosure homes in Miami might also be found in the homes for sale listings. Homes are not required to be listed in this section. It is common for a homeowners that are going through the default process to want to sell their home prior to the auction and save their credit. You might see foreclosures in the homes for sale section by homeowners listed as a short sale. If a home doesn’t sell at the auction after the home has foreclosed, the bank will own the property. It is sometimes common for a bank to list homes in the homes for sale section of the paper at very low prices to intrigue potential buyers. However, you should never expect a foreclosed home to appear in for sale listings. The best place to find them is the public notices. If you have missed the auction and the home didn’t sell then contact the lender.
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