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Foreclosure Assistants Make a Killing in Some of the Hardest Hit States

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By : Paul Escobedo    99 or more times read
The nation as a whole has been caught off guard by the amount of foreclosures reported over the past 24 months. Some states have been hit particularly harder than others. It is within these states that some innovative individuals have found a way to make a profit off the numerous foreclosures.

One state that was at the top of the foreclosure hit list was Las Vegas, Nevada. The amount of trustee sales in this state has continued to increase by leaps and bounds. It is here where several individuals came up with the idea of assisting potential investors with information on the homes that were being offered up on the auction block. Limited information is provided at the sale, but it is not enough for a savvy investor to make a calculated decision on the property that they are preparing to bid on. These "assistants" have compiled data, along with site photos of the property. This information could potentially save an investor thousands of dollars on a dilapidated property, or in some cases it could reveal a gem in the rough that could make the investor thousands at the resale of the property.

Some of these assistants represent individual investors, while others sell the information directly to investors who desire additional information on a specific property. Some investors have hired these assistants to not only provide additional information, but they also employ them to bid on properties at trustee sales in their absence.

The need for this type of information has become a new financial opportunity not only for individuals who are looking for additional cash, but for some they have been able to turn it into a prosperous career. In Las Vegas there are several newly founded companies that have jumped on the information bandwagon. Some of these companies employ up to 10 employees. In a time where the unemployment is a staggering 10%, opening up new opportunities where there was none before seems to be the American way.
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