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Attracting All The Cash You Need For Real Estate Investing

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By : Simon Macharia    99 or more times read
Ability to attract private money from investors and lenders is a critical factor in the success of a real estate investing business. By providing a website explicitly designed to attract and persuade private money lenders and potential investors that your business is the best to invest their money in is therefore mandatory.

But you must have the suitable private money investor website in order to achieve this goal a website that is uncomplicated, professionally designed and laid out, and most importantly, one that leaves no doubt in potential private money investors minds that you are the best person they can invest their money with.

Identifying such a website is therefore vital. First, why should you have private money?

1) Does it make sense to you? It is funded!

Can you utilize regular funding for a deal with creative financing (such as taking over payments)? Even deals that can net you $100,000? Very fanciful!

No lender will lend you money unless it is a straight standard purchase; at least I do not know even one.

With a ready source of private money you can turn to in at a momentís notice, you may transact all the real estate deals you can get; if you like it, you got it.

2) Close more transactions

With private money, you call the shots. Therefore you can do deals that other real estate investors would never carry out simply because you have money waiting from your private money lenders.

With private money you can close on real estate deals any time, even with time limitations. Regular financial institutions generally take at least 30 days to fund a deal, and come with tons of under-writing conditions.

Hard money lenders lend only on real estate transactions under certain conditions (like 70% minus repairs) . Not one of the above conditions will appear in private money real estate loans.

3) Private money is less costly

Hard money loans normally cost about 16% interest or even more, often with points added. Ordinary lenders may not transact with you on deals that are not traditional.

4) Your personal investment is not necessary

Hard money sources demand the first month interest as well as additional points before. Hard money lenders will not advance rehab funds, so you need a good bank balance even for a small real estate deal.

Conservative lenders will ask for counterpart funds from you, most times about 10%-20% . Private money does not have those preconditions.

Real estate investor websites for attracting private money

With a professional real estate investing private money lender website presenting you as a successful real estate investor, private money investors can trust you with their money. As a result, you can tap private money resources to finance your real estate deals others can only wish for.

With a professionally designed private money lender website purposely made to appeal to private money sources, you can interest them to fund your deals. You would, as a matter of course, will not desire to look careless especially to your prospective investors who will back up your business.

The private money lender web site should project you as an accomplished investor who is a leader in the real estate investing business. Your projected image should not leave any reservation in the private money sourcesí minds that you can be trusted with their funds.

The content of the private money investor website should be professionally written to persuade private money lenders that you are the best real estate investor for their investment. It should also be fully optimized for search engines.

Choosing the appropriate private money lender website to achieve this goal is thus a critical component of your real estate investing business.
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