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Buying Charlotte foreclosure homes: A Profitable decision to make

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By : John Smith    99 or more times read
Marginal propensity to buy Charlotte foreclosure homes is gaining momentum in last five years. Studies have found that, there is a massive 23% growth in sales of foreclosed property in North Carolina in General and Charlotte in particular. Increased income of people (as witnessed in case of other properties) is not the reason behind it. Rather, availability of these properties at a lower price is the catalyst. There are several reasons behind cheaper price of foreclosure properties. Primary of it is the aim behind the process of foreclosure.

Foreclosure is a financial process aiming at recovering unpaid amount of home equity loans and home tax. Hence, foreclosing agencies are lenders like commercial banks and government. As stated earlier, it aims to recover the unpaid part only. And, unpaid part is always lower than the actual cost of the property. Hence, prospective buyers at the profit end while purchasing these properties. At some times, some unscrupulous bankers/lenders resort to deficiency selling. It means, selling a property much below the market price. They purchase these properties on their own name at time of auction and sell it at a higher price later. To curb this negative practice, North Carolina county court has introduced law of deficiency. According to this clause, a homeowner can file for deficiency sale judgment. If found fresh auction is carried out on the said properties.

The second reason behind lower cost of foreclosure homes is the availability of distressed properties. These are the semi-furnished ones and lack some sort of renovation. In certain cases, previous homeowners were not that keen to make regular home modifications. In a nut shell, distressed properties lack a good exterior or cosmetic look. But, their inherent equity is not affected by these disorders. With little remodeling you can elevate equity of these properties to market price.

If you are interested in buying Charlotte foreclosure homes, you need to be in regular touch of commercial displays appearing on local newspapers. Visiting court rooms can also help you in this regard as foreclosure notices also appear there. But the place to find these advertisements without any fee and hassle is real estate websites. Along with all detailed listing of foreclosed properties in your area, they also give you resourceful materials like buying tips. They can also help you in finding a reliable real estate agent who will make the whole process easier.

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