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Tips to Make Your Purchase Offer Get Accepted

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By : Fredrica Smith    99 or more times read
In the road to having your dream home, there are certainly a lot of challenges that would come along. The most demanding though would be competing against other buyers putting up equally, if not more, attractive purchase offers. But there are ways you can embark on so the seller could easily notice and decide to pick your offer among other bids.

For any real estate venture whether buying or selling, a transaction would be much more guided if you have an agent working with you. An experienced and reliable agent would be of great assistance to you in handling documents, formulating a great offer, negotiating and following up status of your offer with the seller or even with your lender. In addition, you may also be saved of some physically stressful legwork.

Any home in good condition would naturally be in demand among many buyers. To outshine others in a multiple offer situation, try to put out the highest price you can. Be reminded that only offer the highest amount you can actually shell out come the time of paying. Making an untruthful offer even on just one occasion can tarnish your reputation as a credible buyer.

Another technique you can utilize a huge chunk of money to entice a seller is by making a large down payment, again according to your means. You should also provide a document supporting the source of your down payment, like a bank statement. But in case your source is the equity of your current property on sale, it would be wiser if you also seek contingent financing. Present documents regarding these transactions. The contingent finance would be a great backup source in case your property would not be sold as soon as possible.

A mortgage pre-approval letter submitted along with your offer is a great combination most sellers would find enticing. This technique translates you as a serious buyer. In addition, such simple document may be thought of as an indication how organized and responsible you are in terms of your planning your home purchase endeavor.

In most cases, a low ball offer never stood a chance with sellers. Avoid making this type of offer especially when the competition is tough. On the other hand, analyze the situation of the seller. Although essentially a low ball offer would be less beneficial to the seller, you can formulate a bid that may still be advantageous for both parties. Back it up with quick completion date, brief subject removal timeframe or lender pre-approval letter.

Lastly, a simple technique to make the seller accept your offer is to get personal in a positive way. There are many ways you can do this. One is to attach a letter of intention with regards to why you want to buy his property. Be friendly whenever you speak with the seller. Use a casual tone when conversing with him in some occasions. By showing off a little of your personality, you can be more memorable and things would be a lot more at ease between you and the seller. Once you have shown these signs of being approachable, the seller is more likely to consider your offer on top of his list.

These tips are not at all taxing, especially when you keep in mind that the way to your dream house is through the seller’s heart.
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