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Secret Video Tapes Expose the Underbelly of ACORN – a Non-Profit Body Battling Foreclosures

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By : Julie Thompson    99 or more times read
Secret video films taken by two, posing as a pimp and prostitute show ACORN employees giving advice about tax evasion, setting up brothels and passing off minor sex workers from South America as dependents. This has led to widespread introspection within this body, while Congress has cut off federal funds and the census department has severed ties with it. For long it has been associated with housing and prevention of foreclosures.

Following allegations about irregularities in its efforts to get voters registered a spokesperson of ACORN said they are mulling over dropping this agenda all together.

It appears that the very character of the organization – draws to it people in search of employment as well as clients eager about the search for “speak truth to power”. But they are not always principled about details and this has led to self-inflicted injury.

The core groups engaged in mobilizing are professionals but ACORN relies heavily on volunteers and improperly trained employees working on low wages to handle matters like preparation of taxes and counseling in mortgage matters.

The secret recordings were made in Maryland offices of ACORN in lower Charles Village on West 25th Street. The place is dimly lit with a door bell that does not operate; neither does the clock. The sign board is in grammatically wrong. This property was nearly lost in 2006 when a group that purchased liens on unpaid city taxes filed a foreclosure suit. Simultaneously former employees of ACORN were complaining to the media of not having got their wages.

ACORN and its sister concern ACORN Housing helps people with low and middle income to buy houses. It has many times failed to produce required documents necessary for them to keep current their charters in Maryland. As per the law of the state, each corporation is mandated to submit yearly report and return on property along with a fee of $300 for filing of the same. If it fails to comply then the corporation is listed “forfeited”. It means it can be prosecuted and fined. Forfeited firms do not have any stand in the courts of Maryland and cannot have business transactions with the state and its counties said Robert Young of Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation.

Such lapses by ACORN and ACORN Housing have led them to pay heavy fines. ACORN Housing was given by the city $42,000 twice – in 2005 and 2006 for counseling about home ownership but the money was taken away in 2006 because of the forfeiture clause.
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