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Foreclosure and Faith

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By : Julie Thompson    99 or more times read
Spiritual values are superior to material ones. Priests say that when everything is uncertain and unpredictable, volatile and misleading, it is necessary to increase the prayer, to draw closer to God. Even if the financial and foreclosure crisis is in general, a cruel judgment, for too much greed for material things wrongly collected and for waste of money, it can still be understood and used as a new start in life of individuals and peoples. Thus, the foreclosure crisis causes us not to not put our hope in material values, money and wealth more than the spiritual values of faith, justice, fairness and solidarity with those in need.

The foreclosure crisis has spiritual causes. Moreover, any crisis is related to spiritual imbalance. The main cause of the current economic and foreclosure crisis is the passion of greed. Since the beginning of the creation of the world, everything was God's work and property. Man just received the administration of land, which however must be wisely managed, in a balanced manner, and he must always be grateful to the true master of the world. However, human greed blurs the mind and makes people behave like a master of the earth, substituting God. Moreover, surveys show that the richer the countries are, the less faithful their residents become.

In the Bible, there are wealthy people too (Abraham, Job, David, Solomon) who have not forgotten they are God's work and have kept their faith. Nevertheless, others have slipped and became like those of today: desperate of losing everything. Therefore, we must pay attention to greed and always look up!

There is no effect without a cause! The financial and foreclosure crisis is only one-step of the new world order, a lever of rearranging the modern capitalist world in other plans, of which humanity of the twenty first century is built. Maybe it has nothing in common with spirituality. They are convinced that the spirituality of a people cannot be knelt by financial crises, caused, and controlled. On the contrary, it will be the cornerstone where a poverty-affected people will found itself in its essential elements. Moreover, for a Christian nation, faith can be salvation, regardless any form of crisis they are facing!

Therapists say that one of the universal laws states that there is no effect without a cause. A physical form, whatever it may be, must have existed first as a thought. When our thoughts will be only light and love unconditionally, then we can say that we found the divine within us, and only then can we hope for a better life. We must learn to listen to our heart, soul, inner voice that guides us in everything we do. This is the divine spark of God, who exists in each of us. Unfortunately, most times, the ego is what dictates our life. Egos and ambitions, desire of enrichment, power, and even pleasure are just some creations of human mind. Everything man does without God leads to disaster. Even Jesus said that if we have faith, we could do miracles too!
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