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Ways to Protect Your Home from Toxic Mold

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Toxic molds are called as such due to the harmful spores the fungi itself produces. These have mycotoxins that can harm humans through cytoxicity. Through this process, the released mold spores would kill living cells they have contact with in order to eliminate competition for resources. So if molds are present in your home, you and your family are in danger of having health problems. You must prioritize then to implement mold control measures in your home.

S. chartarum is the most common type of mold present in many homes. It can penetrate through any opening such as windows, air conditioning units, vent systems, ducts and other channels. Some spores can also stick to clothes, fabrics, furniture and even pets. Molds easily spread in cellulose-based materials and damp humid areas.

Mold inspection and testing
Primarily concentrate in your home areas that have environments where molds could thrive such as basement, walls, ceiling and others prone to water seepage. There are mold detection kits available in markets. These come with guides to aid you once you do the inspection and result reading yourself. On the other hand, the result may not be as accurate as the one from a laboratory facilitated testing. Get a professional inspector, but be sure to seek referral from your local health department.

Mold control and prevention
Bring the spread of molds to an end through various measures. Disinfecting the affected areas would be your primary task. Homemade solutions could be used for small areas. Mix detergent soap or bleach and water in equal parts. Spray this mixture in the affected areas and scrub them off several times. Tougher cleaning solutions are effective to use for areas with heightened mold spread. Make sure to dry these areas after cleaning. Place dehumidifiers in damp humid areas to prevent molds from coming back.

If carpets, upholstered furniture, wooden materials and home accessories are infected with molds, it would be best to throw them out as they would not respond to mere cleaning anymore. Insulation, drywall and ceiling are usually affected as well. If such is the case in your home, dismantle these parts as soon as possible and replace them with newer wetness-resistant materials.

Hiring a professional mold control service may be quite expensive but you could have more efficient results. They are equipped with various techniques, materials and gears especially for eliminating molds. Search for such company through online directories or seek a recommendation from your local health department.

On a last note, make sure that you keep yourself protected from inspecting to eliminating molds. A dust mask, heavy-duty rubber gloves, long-sleeved shirt and pants comprise the basic safety get-up. This is important so you can at least minimize your risks of acquiring skin irritation or respiratory health problems due to exposure to molds.

Molds are very threatening organisms. They can spread exponentially even within just a minute. And so evaluating your home of the presence of molds and consequently implementing mold elimination measures would do your home and family a great deal of health benefits. In addition, maintaining a rigid cleaning schedule could help you prevent molds to come back and pester your home and family once again.
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