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HOA: What is this All About

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By : Vicki Hat    99 or more times read
There are different kinds of communities that you can live in. There is one for the horse lovers, the golf players, the retirees and many others. There is like a whole bunch of planned community to group people with the same interest.

But what is good about these communities is that they have well maintained surroundings and great amenities. And you probably wonder how they make this possible? How do they help maintain a good quality of life for their homeowners when in fact the focus of these individuals is limited within their fences?

Well, great communities always look fantastic because they have managers called Homeowners Association. This legal entity is formed by the developers in order to pass on the burden of maintaining the subdivision, especially if it has been fully developed.

Homeowners Association does a lot of stuff for their members. Primarily, the impose laws or rules to ensure there is order in the society. These are contained in their Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions. Each homeowner within the community is given a copy of this paperwork to govern their behavior and the management of their properties.

Aside from implementing the CCRs, another role of HOA in the community is the maintenance of the surrounding. With people being busy with home and work, it is difficult for them to maintain public areas. They could not just take turns to sweep the floor or hire somebody to do all these things. That would be difficult to implement. It would be more convenient for everybody if someone is tasked to take care of this matter and HOA is the right entity to make this happen.

But amidst all the benefits brought to you by the HOA, you have to understand that you have to make payments. Generally, they would impose fees that they can use to operate. How else would they pay for the upkeep of the place without funds?

Are there major downsides when you live in communities governed by HOA? Yes, there are plenty. HOA are very strict in implementing their rules because they want to protect the value of the neighborhood, as well as the interest of every household. If one violates, sanction can be imposed. If you go against their rules on what are the acceptable architectural designs, they ask you to tear apart your improvements. It sounds inhumane but they can literally do those things.

Aside from that, fees can be expensive. If you are the type of person who limits the budget, being a part of a HOA community may not be good for you. The better features your community has, the more expensive your HOA fees can become. Hence, it is best that you think twice or even thrice and do a financial analysis before jumping to HOA communities. If in time you become delinquent with your fees, they can legally enforce payment or foreclose your property.

One really has to know more about the HOA of a certain community before deciding to move in it. The least you want to get into is pay big HOA fees and end up not getting what was promised.
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