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Survey Respondents Prefer Abandoned Foreclosure Pets

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By : John Cutts    99 or more times read
A public opinion poll showed that more U.S. residents are willing to get abandoned foreclosure pets than buy a dog or a cat from a pet store. The survey, conducted by Associated, showed that more than fifty percent of the respondents believe that pets from stores can have hidden illnesses, either psychological or physical.

Although the public opinion poll showed that there are respondents who worry that animals from pet shelters or from foreclosure adoption facilities can have medical conditions, there are more respondents, four out of ten, who believe that pets from stores are more likely to have hidden illnesses.

The reaction of U.S. residents to adopting abandoned pets is parallel to the increasing number of households who prefer buying foreclosure homes over existing dwellings. Market analysts see this as a way by which Americans are trying to cope with the impact of the foreclosure crisis on people’s daily lives.

A number of poll respondents even ventured to say that pet store animals have been overbred, so it is more possible to get a sick pet from a store than from a shelter. Some respondents also stated that they think most pet stores do not really care about the animals and are just in the business for the money, while pet shelters are more concerned about the welfare of the pets they offer for adoption.

In total, survey results showed that eight percent prefer to get their pets from stores; while 13 percent revealed that they got the pets they have now from a pet shelter or through adoption from foreclosed pet facilities. Twenty three percent stated they would get their pet from a breeder, while 54 percent said they are planning to get their next cat, dog, bird or rabbit from a pet shelter.

The result of the poll is good news to pet shelters which have been facing massive problems in terms of finding households willing to adopt abandoned foreclosure pets. According to shelter operators, they are getting overwhelmed by the sheer number of homeless animals that they need to house, while the number of households willing to adopt the animals are getting fewer.

The problem of housing abandoned animals is expected to further escalate as the number of foreclosures by state continues to rise. As the poll showed, majority of Americans are very aware of the extent of this problem and some of the respondents even expressed confusion as to why some potential pet buyers would even consider buying from stores when there are animals in shelters that are facing euthanasia because of lack of space to house them.

A number of people who participated in the survey advised other people trying to find bank owned homes for sale to also look for pets at the same time. They encouraged these home buyers to help by adopting abandoned pets once they have their new home.

Owners of abandoned foreclosure pets asserted that there are great pets to be found in shelters and that there is no reason why homeowners will not do their share to prevent these animals from getting euthanized. They even added that pet breeding should be put on hold while the problem of foreclosures continues to increase the number of homeless pets.

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