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NCO Collection Agency - How To Easily Deal With The NCO Collection Agency

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By : Darin Sewell    99 or more times read

The NCO collection agency is a very large and well known debt collector. It also has a reputation for being very hard to deal with and also for using very heavy handed tactics. If you compare NCO collection agency to other debt collectors you will find that NCO normally has many more complaints against it with the BBB then its competitors do!

Be Careful About Their Payment Plans

One interesting thing to note is that of all the national branch offices of NCO Collections none of them are members of the states BBB. Some of the things that consumers have complained about normally deal with trying to collect on settled debts, negotiating a settlement amount then withdrawing more then agreed from the checking account or charging more to their credit card then agreed!

How They Will Threaten You and What To Do About It

NCO collection agency like any other debt collector often will threaten legal action in addition to threatening to report you to the credit bureaus. Once they threaten to do any of these actions you must proceed with caution, and make sure to never pay them with electronic check or credit card and always use a bank issued check. And always get any agreement in writing before you send them any money!

Do Not Let Them Boos You Around

One tactic that NCO collection agency uses as do most debt collectors is that they will claim they do not accept bank issued checks. If they do this let them know that you are recording the conversation and would like to know why they are refusing a payment from you? If the person still refuses ask to talk to a manager, keep working your way up and someone will take the check. Just remain calm and respectful!

One Tip To Beat NCO At Their Own Game

First make sure you arm yourself with a good Self Credit Repair Kit and lastly make sure that NCO collection agency does not try and collect a service fee for your debt, under Federal Law debt collectors can only demand the amount of the outstanding debt and nothing more. If they do they are breaking federal law and you can report them and possibly get the entire debt dismissed. If they ask you for a service fee make sure to ask them for a written statement of what you owe then use it against them!

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